Package Car Driver Interview on Monday.

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    I am presently a PT package handler at UPS. Got a call from UPS HR person on Friday to come in for interview about going driving. Any tips from my UPS Brown Cafe brothers and sisters on what to wear? Casual or business casual clothes? Can I drop names of management for reference? I am a well motivated guy with great interview skills and personality. I have a clean driving record and have 35 years experience on driving shift. I have a great rep with fellow workers in my hub and even respected by the sups. I am proactive, not reactive. Also an excellent attendance record.
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    35 years of what?if you have 35 years of anything you shouldnt have to ask on this . when are you guys gonna realalize the sups are just people like us with a diffrent title. and since when do they do interviews its a class put up for bid . some one is making something up? next.
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    This will not be a "traditional" interview. Assuming that you signed a bid, and are currently the highest seniority employee: This is simply to validate that you qualify to drive (no tickets or accidents in the last 12 months, no more than 2 within 3 years, no alcohol related driving offenses within the last 3 years). Part of the process to qualify driving will be the driving test itself. You can be tested in the largest vehichle that you could potentially drive if you get the position. Assuming that you pass the driving test, you will then fill paperwork out that will be called a DQF (Driver Qualivication File). In addition, you will have to get a DOT Physical. After this, you traditionally go through a week long training class before starting the role.
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