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    Hi, my name is Jean. I am 21 yrs old and currently working as a loader in Ups (Secaucus, N.J) I want to apply for driver position, but I am a college student. I want to know whats the daily routine of a driver, how many hours they work, etc. I wonder if Ups has part-time delivery driver that would be great for me. So, before I submit the application, I want to see if I am going to be able to do the job. I am tired of loading, I want to do something different and I love driving.
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    Closest thing here would be an air driver. Other than that it seems like drivers work some pretty long hours.

    Just getting my two pennies in where I can. :happy-very:
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    Good luck with that. Being a UPS driver is a full time gig that would not mesh well with school. Additionally, the waiting list in most hubs to go driving is anywhere from 12 - 20 years long.

    Your best bet would be to sign your name on a preferred job list within the hub; such as irregs or small sort.
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    a list would be posted in your building when a driving job comes up...there is no applications, the list is signed by people who want the job and the Co. takes you by seniority ! ask around if you are new as to where you can find it .. full or part time driving, both require a DOT physical ,if you take drugs or have a drunk driving or just a bad driving record (not saying you may,or implying anything) don't even bother !! Good Luck !!
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    Well, I didn't want to reply or contribute to this forum anymore, but this one ticked me.

    "Pt package delivery driver"?? Are you serious? It seems like you don't know the lingo here at UPS.
    The only thing that's close to that is pt cat washer, which you should forget about getting unless you have more than 20 yrs of seniority in your building, and lastly, Saturday air, which is not that hard to get. You only work on Saturday for only 5 hours getting 12-14 dollars an hour I believe, then after two yrs, you reach top pay, which is $22.

    And lastly, you said you are doing the application, I'm assuming online. Do you even know about seniority? If you are currently working at UPS, I don't believe you can submit any application for any opened position, even if you did, it won't work. It's only for outside hires. There should be a bidding list in your building for those opened positions, I believe you sign it, and the highest seniority employee(s) get(s) the job.

    You shouldn't be worrying if the hours are long and won't be flexible, you should be worrying about getting the job first, that's the hardest part of it.
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    Didnt know that they have a bid list for small sort? When do they do bidding!
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    :) :) :)

    I think you've surpassed Hoaxster as the biggest smartazz on here...
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    Lol what a p****!!!!
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    last time i spoke to a BA the wait list in Edison Nj was closer to 12 months..if he does work for us and has been here a year he can put in a transfer for driver in any building in local 177..
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    I believe the OP is a SHE. Jean is a woman's name. Unless they are French. And Gene (Eugene) is a boys name.
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    I believe the OP is a SHE. Jean is a woman's name. Unless they are French. And Gene (Eugene) is a boys name.
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    There are PT driver jobs. They have different classifications in different regions.
    Good luck in your quest to be a driver. And if you make it, enjoy the ride.
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    Damn Deja Vu. Just in case you didn't here him, he believes the OP is a SHE. Jean is a woman's name, unless they are French. And Gene (Eugene) is a boys name.
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    just wondering where the bid sheets are kept for pt cat washer. Also is there a ft cat washer position
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    Ha ha ha. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I'm having problems surfing the site tonight. Like there is maintenance being done while I've been on. That must have made me double post.
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    Design a thermometer app that gives the temperature on your phone and apply at Apple.
    Run away from ups fast.
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    Use the duplicate key or we will send you a warning letter for padding your post count.
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    It's all good . I thought this was the compete against cachsux and Hoaxster for smartazz thread. Didn't mean to derail , sorry.
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    I love driving too. It is all the damn packages they expect me to deliver that sucks,.