Package Car Drivers Are The Greatest ! We Had A Nice Warm Christmas !

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by anonymous6, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Many of you drivers are more appreciated than you will ever know!

    My wife has several medical conditions that make her cold all the time and living in the Lake Tahoe area does not help. Our electric blanket went out several days ago and she was freezing every night. More blankets don't help as the weight of the extra blankets are a problem too.

    So I ordered a new electric blanket from Costco and the website said 3-5 business days. Last monday was the third business day and my wife was crying because she was so cold. (we have a wood burning stove but a lot of warm air does not make it it into the back bedroom.... we have tried everything )

    Well, anyway, I'm getting ready to go to my feeder job at 20:30 and feeling bad that my wife was gonna have another miserable night when our UPS package driver shows up with the blanket !!!

    He probably thought I was crazy when I started Hooraying and thanking him profusely. I tried talking a little bit after thanking him over and over but I could tell he was in a hurry to get going since it was so cold. I also knew he was looking at a 13-14 hr day.

    Anyway, my wife has been warm and comfortable ever since.

    A BIG Thank You to all you package drivers!!! You are more appreciated than you know !
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    Stories like that make me think I make a difference. Very nice to hear. Thank you!
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    Glad to hear everything worked out but I am curious as to why she just didn't sleep closer to the wood stove.
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    Was in Lake Tahoe once, visiting my mom while she was in town visiting a nationally-reknowned treatment center for her Fibromyolgia. Me and my pop drove around town and stumbled across the UPS facility there. Was a cool moment, finding where my brown brothers work out there, and seeing what a small hub looked like.

    Gotta say, though, that even with all the beautiful scenery and people up there, I know ya'll get snow up that way, and looking at the steep grades and narrow roadways......ya'll got that!
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    That's great! Why couldn't you guys drive the hour to Reno to get a new electric blanket though? Does she not drive? I figure you were busier than hell. Just curious is all.
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    we both have agoraphobia and wife is in wheelchair with medical hold on license. we do all shopping online. keeps you guys in business.
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    glad she is warm * this post reinforces something i always try to keep in my mind * very few situations are either black or white * there can be 1000 different shades of gray * thanks for sharing that
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    Orangputeh you might want to check out another kind of blanket too for the not-so-cold months. It's actually not really a blanket but a "poncho liner" they use in the military. A friend of mine and a bunch of his friends had them and call them "woobies" and I would always snag it when I was at any of their places for movies. They are super lightweight but seem to regulate your body for the perfect temperature. You can find them on military surplus/supply type websites. I had a friend that became paralyzed (quadripalegic) in a swimming accident. It's really hard to regulate body temperature for someone that isn't able to tell how cold/hot they are and heavy blankets aren't good either for restriction and blood flow etc. I got him one of the woobies as a gift and the family was really thankful. I live in MI and in the winter I use mine to keep warm and in the summer it's great when you're a little cold from AC but normal blankets and sheets are too much/drive you crazy. If you have cats, you'll want to trim the strings off the poncho liner :)

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    Thanks for sharing and I'm glad she's warm now. Have a happy new year!
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    Well, there are AT LEAST 50.
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    after i typed it, i knew someone would go there * doesn't change the point i was trying to get across
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    much appreciated. we will look into it.