Package car drivers.



Does anyone at the NYC facility on 43rd St on this site knows drivers that work at this location because when I used to work in the Time Life building I use to see a package car driver that was assigned there by the name Dexter which he was a pleasant & kind driver to me when I use to see him.

Does anyone know if he is still working here.


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I don't know if it's the same Dexter, but there is a Dexter on the TV show with the same name, Dexter. This Dexter is a seriel killer who only kills evil people, so he may not be the one you know.


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Time life building? That would be the Radio City center. I could find out for you and post the answer for you on Monday 01/15/07



Just posting because you have mentioned in your previous post that you would find out on Monday, Jany 15th about the Radio City Center in New York & to see if Dexter is still working at the Time Life Building, if he is still there, how old is he now. If Dexter isn't working there, where was he assigned to.


To HazMatMan,

Did you find out yesterday if there is still a Dexter still working at the Time Life Building in the Radio City CEnter in New York City.