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    When UPS created their package cars were their osha rules that required a height clearance when you enter and exit the trucks.

    I see some trucks people have to duck their heads in just to get inside. When carrying a 50 lb box inside the truck doesnt that create strain on the back bending, arent we suppose to keep our backs straight when carrying packages.

    Also i thought there was an osha height clearance for all pathways. Isnt it like 7ft or something? If they were to make me load a package car like that wouldn't someone be able to file a grievance and alert osha on this matter. Any thoughts?
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    It's always worth a try. All rulings come from somewhere because someone had the balls to do it.
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    Man that would be awesome. I've about split my head a few times on the p57.
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    We will be forced to hire shorter drivers!!
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    Its called downsizing.
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    Drivers who are hair challenged hate those rear doors on the p57!
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    Is that follically challenged, or ​follically enhanced?