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    Hi all!
    First of all, thank you for the job you do. I would just like some advice. I ordered something from the internet using 2-day air for shipping.The package was to be delivered on 12/31. It arrived in Ontario, Ca on 12/30. On 12/31, the website showed it was "on time" (for delivery that day) but I noticed it did not show it was actually out for delivery. I called customer service, but they just repeated the on time bit (even though I questioned her re: it not showing it was out for delivery) and that I should wait until 8pm at night and call back if it didn't arrive. It didn't, and I called back. They then told me it was too late, and to call back on Sat, that maybe I could go and pick it up. Well, I called today and they said everything is closed, including the distribution center. I would think someone would be there, but I'm not expecting that it's that easy to just go and find my package. Ok, so is there some way I can make sure it will go out on Mon? Can I pick it up? I really need this package like yesterday. Thanks.

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    12/31 is a scheduled holiday for UPS so your second day air would not be delivered. (I think the only things that would be delivered would be next day). Your package was shipped 12/29, arrived in Ontario 12/30, if 12/31 was a regular work day, it would have been delivered. Your package should go out for delivery Mon.
    If it had been shipped the day before (12/28) it would have been delivered Thurs.
    Holidays and Sat/Sun do not count as "days" for 2nd day air.
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    Actually, second day air which originated on the 29th was scheduled to be delivered with the next day airs originating on the 30th, on new years eve, the 31st. I think this can be considered a service failure. On the good side, I believe you will receive your package on Monday, and the shipper should be able to receive a refund credit for our failure to make service in the two days allotted. I believe 3 day select was the only priority service that was not delivered on the 31st. At least that is how it worked out here in the middle of the country.
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    OK, I guess I was wrong. I didn't think weekends or holidays counted for 2nd day air.
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    If the package left on the 29th, that would have been a Tuesday, and the scheduled day would have been Thursday, so no weekend or holiday was involved, other than the delivery date being New Year's eve. We had a comittment to deliver next day and second day airs on that day, and I believe we failed with this particular package.

    What probably happened was in the sort or hub somewhere, that second day air wasn't segregated from the ground system that it would usually end up for it's final step, so it was not sent out with the drivers who worked on New Years Eve.
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    I just tracked your pkg and the last scan showing is an arrival scan in Ontario, CA, on Wednesday. There should have been a departure scan and then an arrival scan at the destination center and you should have received it on the 31st which is what you paid for. The 9th and 10th digits of the tracking number are the service level of that package and 02 means 2nd day. I would bet that you will get your pkg on Monday but from what I read hear it does appear to be a service failure for which the shipper would be due a refund and, in turn, you should receive a refund from the shipper. I would call the toll free number after you receive the pkg on Monday to see what your options are and I apologize for any inconvenience you may have incurred.
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    We have always processed 2nd day air on the 31st with the NDA, I never knew if that was company wide or just our district.
    Does anyone know what our website says about this?

    But there was a holiday involved, Thursday. Like you I thought 2 day was supposed to be delivered with the NDA. Are the guarantees in effect between Christmas Day and New Years Day or is that still part of peak?
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    The problem is.... ONT closes for holidays, so there was no movement from ONT... Very few gateways/airhubs stay open for the holidays....worldport, ANC, PHI,MIA.....Which means itll move again to your local mon get delivered tues.
  9. I know I worked on the 31st. I work In International in
    Edison NJ. It's a must that we get out all the International air. Ground does not move. I could not see UPS paying so many air/international people in a hub if there were no movement in Louisville. Edison Hub has a layoff that day for employee's. I know some drivers work because my son Drives. (oh yes an entire UPS family) Also as a former PCA (preferred customer Associate) I am almost sure the Guarantee ban is only in effect till the day after Christmas. As for tracking that 1z number when I go back to work I can track it on ETT which gives you all the information. If you wish you can send my husband (the shopsteward here) your e mail and I could tell you what happened. After 20 years in UPS offices I have had almost every job UPS has. LOL.

    ShopSteward Wife.
  10. Also did you know you could just put the tracking number in the google search bar and it will take you to A good trick to tell your customers

    The wife again.
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    Tracking the pkg at will not give you all of the information that you can get through ETT.