Package delivery airlines FedEx and UPS also hammered by recession

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    Package delivery airlines FedEx and UPS also hammered by recession - Examiner

    It isn't just passenger airlines that are getting hit left and right by the worldwide recession. Just as there has been a huge drop-off in passenger traffic at virtually all airlines, there has been a corresponding plummet in the number of packages being shipped via Federal Express and United Parcel Service, both of whom have aircraft fleets that number in the hundreds. While the number of travelers in seats these days is down dramatically and service has been reduced accordingly, the number of documents and packages being shipped overnight has seen a similar, if not more exaggerated downhill slide.

    In these recessionary times businesses both large and small, as well as consumers are finding cheaper, and sometimes slower ways to send their shipment. The "when it positively, absolutely, has to be there overnight" rush is a thing of the past, at least for the near term. Americans learning how to spend less, slow down and buy what they need, not necessarily what they want appears to be sticking. Companies and people alike are learning that often second-day-air works just as well as overnight at a fraction of the cost. And because of this both FedEx and UPS have had to make major adjustments to how they do business.
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    They can go back to flying people on weekends like they did before
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    The only problem with that is no one is flying. My son and I went to Raleigh-Durham NC Labor Day weekend and we breezed right through security both on the way down and back.