Package delivery services continue despite COVID-19 outbreak


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Package delivery services continue despite COVID-19 outbreak - Fox 8

The United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx and DHL are ensuring customers that they will continue to deliver packages despite the coronavirus.

UPS says operations and The UPS Store locations have been designated as critical infrastructure by the governors’ offices in all 50 states.

This means UPS workers will continue to pick up and deliver mail and packages, even in restricted areas.

UPS reminds citizens that even in "unpredictable times, you still have control of your package deliveries."


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Yes but the second amendment allows me not to do anything the government tries to enforce me to do
No doubt. if the SHTF we having guns will keep the wolves at bay for a time.

Also the almighty white father in washington and congress will chip away more at our rights due to this crisis "for our own safety"

safety and security is a great way to lull the masses into more control.

they will make another try for the guns.