package driver 40 hr/wk?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Rott, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Rott

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    I have been working pt sort for 2 years. I'm just curious on the average weekly hours drivers put in? I am a single father and I am not sure driver would be the way to go..... on the oter hand I need money but I dont think working over 40 hrs. a wk will allow me any time to go to sons ball game, etc.... from what i see it looks like the drivers dont get in until after 7 pm almost every night. is that by choice or is the workload .
  2. drewed

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    Youd miss the games Rott, most drivers do 50+ hours a week
  3. rod

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    I could send you 30 years worth of pocket calendars that I used to keep track of my hours (yes I'm a packrat) and guarantee that you won't find any one week with just 40 hours. In fact I could count on one hand the number of days in 30 years that I ended up with just 8 hours or less. It's not the job to have if you are looking for a 40 hr week
  4. Rott

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    What about pt drivers? or is there even such a thing as pt drivers?

    I was thinking about applying for a supervisor position, but I have been told by many co workers that once your a sup you are stuck there. how true is that? I was also told that to even go driving from a sup pos. you have to have a college degree...... to be honest I've heard so much from different people I work with, I dont know what to do.... I cant even get a straight answer from HR
  5. drewed

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    No pt drivers, you could do saturday driving. Pt suping you get between 13-20 an hour based on 27.5 hrs a week (theyre changing things after that so its up in the air) and pt sups can go driving as long as they fit in the 1:6 hire ration outside to inside (working for UPS) emplyoees
  6. Baba gounj

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    Consider 9.5 hr days normal. ( with lunch )
    Unless you take a combo job than 8 hrs is all that you'll get, along with a split pay rate.
  7. Rott

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    what do you mean when you say "fit in the 1:6 hire ration outside to inside (working for UPS) emplyoees "? do you happen to know the ballpark figure annually for a sup?
  8. Rott

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    i sent a message just now to the forum but I meant to address you....

    thanx for the info
  9. drewed

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    The contract states for every 6 driver positions hired one has to be an outside hire or a pt sup....

    Umm id guess between 22 and 30k, theres a lot of variation in pay based on work local.
  10. helenofcalifornia

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    Rott, look for another job. 40 hours a week is a dream for most drivers. It's good you are asking these questions before you get in too deep. Tough life being a single parent unless you have an extended family you can fall back on. Still won't get you home early. Good luck!
  11. sortaisle

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    It depends on where you live. The average is anywhere from 9.5 to 12 hours a day. I would say get on as a Saturday Air driver and get your top scale there and then do utility driving. At least as a utility driver, you can turn down the extra work if you have some stuff to do that day.
  12. softshoe

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    If you become a driver you won't be attending many of your childrens activities.
  13. Bad Gas!

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    I know drivers that coach and make most games.But they skip lunch everyday.Yhat would get old and would cost you alot of hard earned jack.......Usually low senior drivers don't get choice routes.You get bad vehicles and the sups expect you to pay your dues and help other drivers if you finish early...Good money for a single dad..bad hours!
  14. PorkChop Express

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    I am pushing 11hrs/5 days a week
  15. Monkey Butt

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    Maybe not relevant to today but it will give you evidence that 50+ hours a week is not just a recent trend. The last year I drove back in 1978, I averaged 54.5 hours / week for the last year I drove.
    Remember that because I had to take a cut in pay to go into management!
  16. CRASH501

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    I sooooooooooooo disagree a 40 hour week as a fulltime deiver is absolutely within reach.....
    If you only work 3 days.
    .sorry a had to do it
  17. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    The only 40 hr week I got was my Vacation weeks... ;)

    Once in a while I would get a call in the morning
    asking if I wanted the day off.. I'd say sure
    a topped driver could live very comfy off a 3 day week at UPS..
  18. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    3/14s? you should fight for that in the next contract have like 30percent due mon-weds and have everyone else do 5 day weeks
  19. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    In the grand scheme of things making every sports game or school event is not as important as the fact you`ll be able to put a roof over your head and pay for his college education. When my daughter was born she was asleep when I left and asleep when I got home. I went to feeder when she was one and took late night/early morning bids so that I would be home as much as possible when things were going on. I still don`t make it to everything even now with three kids but I take pride in how well rounded and kind kids they are. Don`t place too much value on the sports,the quality time that a stable job can provide is more important. Teach your boy to be a good man and he`ll go farther than he could just throwing a ball.
  20. BrownMex4ever

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    ROT, I admire you for taking care of your son, and understand the importance of spending as much time with him, but you should really consider taking the driving job versus part time sup. the guys are right, your days will be long, but financially you will provide for your son and his future, talk to your relatives for help.