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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by browndoggy, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. browndoggy

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    I hurt my back working as a package handler yesterday. I don't think I can work this job anymore. I haven't told my supervisor yet because I'm afraid. I don't I injured my lower back really bad and It's going to cause problems the rest of my life. What should I do?
  2. rod

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    Call in very early Mon. morning and tell them what happened. Make sure you fill out an injury report. Get you butt to a doctor (emergency ward at the local hospital) as soon as possible-- like today. Your not the 1st person this has happened to. Now quit reading this and get going.
  3. DS

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    I agree with Rod,go see a doctor as soon as you can..You are probobly going to be ok,but get a doctor to have a look.Call in Monday and let them know.
  4. RockyRogue

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    I agree with Rod and DS. Go to a doctor and get the care you need. Five years ago, I hurt my shoulder at a UPS hub in Illinois. I dislocated it several years earlier and the doc told me there was a 90% chance I'd do it again. I don't think it popped out but goshd*mn that hurt! I iced it all weekend, took it easy Monday after class and was not removed from service that night. By Friday, the pain was gone and I was my normal self, though I had my supe watching every move I made that week. I was lucky. The back isn't to be messed with. -Rocky
  5. If you don't report it before you go to the hospital there will be many issues surrounding it. meaning that there is a procedure to follow. unless you want to pay for it yourself you need to report it to the company before seeing a doctor. if you go to a doctor and the company has no record of it this will be a problem. call monday and tell them what happened and you need to file an injury report. im not sure if you can do it before your scheduled sort so you may have to go into your regular sort to fill out the proper paperwork and whatnot and then you can go to the doctor.
  6. dillweed

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    Wow, back injuries are scary, they hurt and, as you said, leave you wondering if you'll ever be the same.

    The posters are right, get yourself to a doctor and then call in Monday at least 15 minutes prior to start time. They will likely tell you to come in and fill out the accident report. We have to speak to an insurance rep on the phone when we are hurt. So don't be surprised if they tell you to come in and complete an injury report. Be sure to punch in so you get paid for that tme. Best of luck
  7. trplnkl

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    I agree with one little change. Call in at least ONE hour before start time, otherwise they can call it a no call, no show.
  8. filthpig

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    What he said! Report it. At least then you stand a chance of getting compensated for it.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Hindsight is always 20/20 but you should have reported it to a supervisor when it happened. Follow the advice given above.
  10. Tyler Durden

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    You wanna see pain? Swing by First Methodist Tuesday nights. See the guys with testicular cancer. That's pain.
  11. Johney

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    X2. Do not go to any Dr. until it has been reported and called in if want it covered under W/C.
  12. RozUPS

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    Yes tell your Sup get it looked at by a doc and if it's not too bad your sup should be able to find you Light duty work such as small sort until it gets better. My back started to act up and a week in small sort was all I needed.
  13. feeder53

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    I feel it is very important to report it right away, or you will only add doubt to the equation at evry level. If it is serious, you do not need any deklay in treatment.

    Good Luck
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    First rule of brown cafe: Don't talk about Fight Club when this guy is hurting.
  15. edd_tv

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    ditto everything mentioned here. also be prepared to spout off the 8 keys to lifting and lowering word for word. no matter what happened it was your fault.