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  1. I just finished my job training as a package handler and I've been placed into loading air containers which I start today.I had alot of trouble understanding the process of how we are supposed to mark hazmats that are put in the air containers.Will I get the hang of loading the air containers?
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    You shouldnt have to mark any hazmats....the paperwork? thats easy there should be a placard you mark the class in one of the 8 boxes and talley mark how many packages of that type underneath, when you close out the container youlll put total dg packages in the lower right hand corner and x out where you put thm in the container on the left side corner. while you load hazmats into air containers your air containers should have a dry ice tracking form and a weight tracking form, for dry ice simply track the dry ice as you get it and the same for the weight form it has all the classes and the weight limits for them. (its really simple once you get the hang of it)

    itll take you a couple weeks to get use to the air containers, if youre filling up cans all the way remember to do the back wall first, then the 2 sides leaving the center open for last minute iregs and hazmat....and bags always go last! dont forget to watch your head going in and out of l9s and ld11s
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    it takes about 5 years to get into air sort at my hub =(