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    OK, so I am not sure if I have an appointment or not tomorrow. I was called on Monday and talked to the HR person, he told me that the next tour of the facility was Wednesday, and made it sound like I should go. He also told me to log back into my account on upsjobs and to fill out the rest of my information now that the status has been switched to "active". I filled that out today, and when I got to the end it asked to scheduled an appointment, but said none were available at this time. I tried calling the HR person I talked to back to verify the tour, and also ask how I should dress, but I got no answer or voicemail. Should I just go tomorrow as planned, or wait until I can scheduled an appointment through the website? Also what time are the tours normally? I was told 6, and I'm pretty sure he said AM, but now I'm second guessing and have no way to check. Thanks!
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    New hire tours, in our building, are done in the evenings. I would call him before showing up unannounced. Our guy doesnt even come in till around 5pm or so. Come to think of it, I think he's part time, the FT HR folks come in the morning to deal with god knows what.
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    As far as attire. come in something nice, but also something that you don't mind possibly getting dirty. You won't be doing work, but if you brush up against something you could get quite a bit of dust/dirt on you. For shoes I'd wear what you plan on working in, that way you can also ask them if the shoes are acceptable. We always laugh at the people who come dressed in a full suit, they really don't know what they're getting into.

    Our tours are also done in the evenings, and it'd be best if you try to call beforehand. Worst case show up and if there's a problem they'll just have you come in another day. Took me 2 attempts to get my tour done.
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    Our preload tours are done in am. Usually, right now.
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    go, this what our HR person does. He just tells people when the next one is, he leaves it up to you. They did the same when I was hired over 15 years ago, so go.
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    Hub tours are done around 6am and 6pm, iirc. 6am for preload/day and 6pm for twi/mid. I forget what the smaller buildings do, but my tour in '01 was for preload and it was around 6am also. You can't just "show up" it's by appointment, in this area.
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    In our building the tours come through a little after break during the shift you plan on working.
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    Ours is done in the morning, so they can see what there in for. I must say our HR women great. If you have any questions with 24 hours she has a answer.