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  1. processing

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    Hey everyone,

    As you might have already notice.

    This is my first post here on Brown Cafe. I decided to create an account after a few weeks of lurking around going through all the wonderful threads on this forum.

    I know, and have read many many threads on the topic " UPS Package Handler ".

    I just wanted to get a little assurance as far as my hiring process goes.

    This is where I'm at:

    I filled out an application online for part time package handler and right after I finished I was scheduled for a tour of the facility which I went too.

    After the tour I spoke with the HR Rep and was then scheduled for an one on one interview the next day which I also went too.

    I was told that I there would be additional information that has to be filled out online including the w-4 etc and I should be hearing from them.

    I was asked before leaving the interview to confirm my date of birth along with my SSN which was entered into the system.
    P.s - my status was changed to " PRE LOADER ".

    Just wondering if this is the normal process - is this a good thing?
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Yes it is, if you relish the idea of getting up at 2 in the morning and going to work.

    And welcome to the Brown Cafe. Since you've been lurking for a while you already know this is a good place to get biased information about any questions you have. :wink2:

    Please don't be a stranger and sit down and stay a while.
  3. fethrs

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    Pre loading is hard but you wont be stuck inside a trailer all morning where it can be uncomfortable temp wise. It's hard, aggravating, and can be a challenge if you get slammed and don't have any help, but if you are serious about keeping the job you will be fine. It will be hard to get used to the hours so give yourself extra time to get to work.

    Good luck and welcome to the BC.
  4. processing

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    Thanks - I'll be here for a while :)
  5. processing

    processing New Member

    Thanks for your input - yeah I have taken all of that into consideration before going to the tour :)

    I'll keep you guys updated.
  6. CollegeKid

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    This is exactly where I am at as well. I had my second interview which ended with me being told to go back online to fill out 13 more documents, among which were included tax related forms. So when you say:
    Do you mean that we got the job? I have been thinking this because they asked about how I would like to get paid (via direct deposit or whatnot), which to me seems to indicate that I have gotten the job, but I don't want to get my hopes up for nothing.
  7. processing

    processing New Member

    Yes the same thing with me too.
  8. tonyexpress

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    Collegekid and processing welcome to the BrownCafe!!

    Goodluck with the hiring process and your new jobs at UPS!:peaceful:
  9. processing

    processing New Member

    Thanks for the words Tony.

    Um I just did a quick search this morning for open positions at my local hub and came across " driver helper " accepting for future openings. I went a head and just submitted one for that too.

    Well that cause me any problems? right now the status on that one is " Pending " but the status for my first one is " ACTIVE ".

  10. Nimnim

    Nimnim The Nim

    I don't think it'll be an issue, they allow people to do driver helper in addition to their normal hub work at my location. Driver helper is traditionally a peak only thing. If it really bothers you, you can try and get in touch with HR and ask them to be sure. You'll certainly get more hours as a preloader, but driver helper is later in the day so it wouldn't interfere with your preload duties.