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    So I got hired according to them as a Package Handler and my first two weeks will consist on classroom and 'on-site' training. Has anyone gone through any of these trainings previously? Would does it consist?
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    Were you hired to sort?
  3. The first week consists of being in a classroom type setting watching videos, learning about safe lifting, etc.
    The second week is where you are out in the hub working with a trainer working up from doing a some unloading/loading to doing unloading/loading most of the shift. When you're not loading/unloading the trainer is in your place while trying to teach you the basics of wall building and counts as an irreg.
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    I got hired as a preloader.
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    i was hired at the start of peak in 08 and told i would be trained later because "honestly we just need bodies right now"

    luckily i had an excellent PT supe to unofficially train me

    i would tell you to listen to your PT supe, but unlike my building, apparently the rest of UPS has pretty sleazy supervision at the PT level