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  1. Pickups

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    I am a fellow ups package driver. I started a web site that helps alot with our pick ups.

    It's a text messaging service that allows you to receive messages from your pickup accounts without you having to give out your cell phone number. I.E. you don't have to worry about receiving distracting phone calls, wasting your minutes, but instead you can receive time-saving text messages from your customers. It's basically a modern, version of your customers using "pickup" or "no pickup" signs in the windows, or them calling you. It's rad and you must check it out.

    Again this is a free service, so you have nothing to loose. But trust me, from one fellow driver to another, you will love it. All you need is a cell phone that can receive text messages. {deleted by moderator}
  2. tieguy

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    Neat service. why does the site list the option of contacting our competitors drivers?
  3. Pickups

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    Well, I really don't have a way of keeping our competitors from signing up for the service, but even if I could, from a legal stand point, making the service available exclusively for UPS drivers may put me in legal troubles with UPS. High up management may look at the service as targeting the company with a conflict of interest. I could potentially be fired for that. But since the service is available for all delivery type of companies, I should be ok. Thanks for your interest. I hope you find the service as useful as everyone else that have been using it. Ok, my lunch break is over, gotta start my pickups. (by the way, due to my web site, I already know that 5 of my pickups don't need a pickup today). later...
  4. ExupserNaples

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    They will say you are stealing because you are stop completing stops without going by the pickup account.
  5. Jones

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    I'm guessing that instead of giving our cell phone number to the customer, we will be giving it to you?
  6. over9five

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    Would anyone in the world actually do this???

    It's a joke, right?
  7. X 10000000
  8. Pip

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    Maybe everything is on the up and up, but I have one question that keeps coming to mind., whats to keep you from selling everybodies personal info?
  9. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I have a better idea:

    1. Go to each of your pick-up accounts.

    2. Ask them if they have anything going out.

    3. Pick up their packages OR say, "see ya tomorrow!".

    4. All this time, GET PAID TO DO YOUR JOB!
  10. Raw

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    Sign up and lose up to one hour of overtime a day!! :confused:1 And get FIRED !! NO Thanks!
  11. rod

    rod retired and happy

    So what happens if one Schmuck calls you and says no pickup today but another Schmuck decides to ship something at the last minute and you don't show when you normally would? Kiss your behind good- bye because I can't even imagine the Union sticking up for you let alone he Company. I think over9five has a better plan
  12. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    Hey fellow package driver:cool: you better start charging for this service because if UPS clues in and finds you completing stops
    that you have not actually made, you will be a wasp in a hornets nest.They will fire you:ohmy: if you falsify your time card.Its actually a great idea for independant couriers,the dudes that go there A to B courier...midnite express...metro cab co...
    Ernies delivery service etc...start charging 1 cent a call and quit UPS before they fire you.
  13. ExupserNaples

    ExupserNaples New Member

    Thats what I said in condensed version...
  14. Pickups

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    It's true that current UPS policy is that you are supposed to physically appear at each of your pickup stops, but I think we all know that this does not happen.

    Many drivers call or get called by their customers. But not only for the reason that the the customer has "no pickup", also for other situations that come up, like "we have alot of stuff today, send a second driver", or "we're running a little late, please give us an extra 10 minutes", etc., etc.. The fact is that getting important information like this from your customers can dramatically help you in how you run your pickups, hence allowing you extra time to make better service, and maybe even take that 15 minute break around 4pm that no one seems to be able to take.

    Improving service to your customers to your customers is not going to get you fired. Your boss does not need to know every detail of how you do your job efficiently.
  15. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I look into my crystal ball and see Package flipping burgers a Mickey Dees soon. 2 ways to get in trouble- mess with Mother Nature and assume the boss don't know every detail of what your up to. (and I guarantee you- positively, absolutley- he ain't going to stand up for you when the **** hits the fan). Save your fancy phone work for after you get off work. If UPS wanted you to save time by using a cell phone then they should pay for them. :)
  16. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    basically thats all they`d have to do
  17. Pickups

    Pickups Know Before You Go.

    No, you register on the web site where you choose a user name and enter in your cell phone information. Then tell which ever of your customers you want to receive messages from your user name. They send messages to your user name, and the web site forwards the messages to your cell phone. It's real easy. The web site does the message forwarding.
  18. Pickups

    Pickups Know Before You Go.

    I am not looking to gain peoples information to sell. I'm trying to make people's jobs easier. When registering on the site, you only need to give some basic information to set up the message forwarding to your cell phone. It's real simple.
  19. Pickups

    Pickups Know Before You Go.

    Don't use the service with Schmucks. You are in complete control of which of your customers you want to use the service with. But even if a customer already sent you a message saying they had "no pickup today", but then at last minute did need a pickup, they can just send you another message saying "we do need a pickup today".
  20. Pickups

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    Yeah, and while we're at it, lets just go back to using paper instead of the diad huh. You'd probably love that.