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  1. petmeds

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    Just wondering how this works, I shipped 4 identical packages to the same customer. each one weighed exactly 57.5 lbs. When I entered the weight I just put in 58 to be on the safe side, well I get my bill today and one of them had been re weighed and I was charged for a 88 pound box??..nearly $19.00 in fees. I have shipped these same packages for 5-6 years now and everyone weighs 57.5..they never change, I called and got the adjustment no problem but I'm just curious as how stuff like this happens. I could beleive someone may have missed it a pound or 2 but 30 pounds??thanks!
  2. over9five

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    Oops, someone scanned your box while another was on the scale!

    Human error, I would guess. Glad they fixed it for you.
  3. UnsurePost

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    Chances are your boxes were 58 pounds, but the DIMENSIONS were large enough that when your boxe(s) were audited by revenue, they tacked on the DIMENSIONAL weight which should be accounted for to begin with.

    I.E. a 100" x 100"x 100" box that weighs 1 pound is not paid the same as a 1"x1"x1" box that is 1 pound
  4. drewed

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    Yea, the DIM weight thing was my first that....thatd be lot of medicine though for the DIM to supercede the 58lbs weight
  5. UnsurePost

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    Its been awhile since I did this , but iirc a 144"?, 24x24x24" was 70 pounds regardless of the actual weight. It might not even apply anyway, but I can't think of any other reason why that would happen.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Did you use ASDs to ship the pkgs? If so, the driver may have misread your 58 as an 88 and the adjustment came when they reconciled the ASD billing copy with the weight entered at delivery.
  7. City Driver

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    yea but he said everytime he has shipped in the past he was charged for 57.5 pounds, so it was probably an error on whoever did the reweigh
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would be curious if he is using a computer to ship or if he is filling out his labels by hand.
  9. UnsurePost

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    unlikely but not impossible. Also, the driver may have just miskeyed it. Isn't the 8 directly under the 5 on the diad keypad?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Sure is. The only other way it would be adjusted is if they charged him dimensional but to go from 58 to 88 would be quite a jump/.
  11. UnsurePost

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    18x18x18 = 30
    24x24x24 = 70
    30x26x22 = 100

    That would be a large box of petmeds. 28x28x28 or somewhere near there.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I gotta think he is using ASDs.
  13. UnsurePost

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    I guess we will never know. Not sure if I can sleep tonite:sick:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Who in their right mind has time to dim packages? 58 lbs is already a heavy box, what made the person think he needed to dim wt it?
  15. UnsurePost

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    It's called revenue recovery (if indeed it was a dim weight issue). In the hub there are people who stand there and pickoff any boxes that do not show dim weight in the UPS label and the boxes are large in contrast to the weight shown. This is done with volume coming into the building from pickups, local sort.
  16. Livin the Dream?

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    Had a box maybe 15 inches square, marked as "60 lbs" Almost ripped my arms off when picking it up, & demanded it be weighed before I went out with it.

    It weighed 190lbs. One-Hundred-Ninety

    How the heck it got that far thru the system, I have no idea.

    I have also learned that anything marked "69 lbs" is always wrong
  17. rod

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    Another thing worth learning is that anytime you pull up to a pickup and a couple of goons come out carrying a package marked 150 lbs and offer to set it in the back of your truck-------it ain't 150 lbs. That's where your 190 lb pkages come from. Once you get back to the building it is easier to have a couple of guys throw it on the belt and send it on its way than to deal with weighing it and doing all the paperwork to RTS it.
  18. City Driver

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    other day here at freight i had a skid come off a trailer that was billed as being 90 lbs.....the forklift scale said it was 1700lbs.....that happens every once in a while
  19. wisedragonfly

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    I think a fraction over a pound gets billed at the next highest pound, so 58 lb was the correct weight to use from the customer's stand point. As far as the error, I agree with the DIM weight issue, or the ASD issue, if the ASD was used. That being said, after out ruling the possible weighing issue, like someone else mentioned.
  20. upsgrunt

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    I don't think we RTS any overweights anymore- UPS just tacks on extra charges.