package 'tendered to local Post Office"

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    I ordered online from JC Penney and while tracking the movement on the UPS tracking site it showed "tendered to local Post Office".

    Is this meaning UPS picks up from the distribution center in Lenexa, KS then moving it through our system until it's time for delivery, then it's handed over to the Post Office? Is this not considered taking work away from UPS employees in the Hub and UPS drivers for delivery? Anybody know what's going on?
  2. over9five

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    UPS Basic Service. We pick it up, and the local driver delivers it to your post office. The USPS delivers it to you.

    It's not new, where you been?!?!?
  3. worldwide

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    Actually, it's considered getting new business into the system and creating jobs--JCP was all Fedex prior to the introduction of this service. The packages are picked up by Teamsters, sorted by Teamsters, loaded by Teamsters and delivered by Teamsters. You do want new packages in the system and new jobs, yes?
  4. The Blackadder

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    WHat I dont get is how it saves money when I make a stop to the PO and give them a package to a home I will be drivng by in 1 hour. Plus it adds a day to the time it takes a customer to get the package which I also dont see how this makes the customers happy. I understand it with PO box numbers but not with house stops.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I dislike Basic as well but the shipping rates are reduced, there are no claims and this is volume that we did not have before. I would guess that about 1/3 of my residentials are Basic. Basic is not going anywhere.
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    If you drop off 20 pieces of basic service to the PO, and then have 20 pieces of regular ground to each of those houses and have to stop by them all anyway, then no, no money is saved. If you drive by the 20 houses and do not stop, money is saved. If you don't even enter one or two neighborhoods then more money is saved. Not to mention the PO boxes, that is volume we could not get at all before. Taken as a whole, it saves customers money and gets UPS volume that would otherwise go to someone else entirely.
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    Re: package 'tendered to local Post Office"
    UPS Basic Service. We pick it up, and the local driver delivers it to your post office. The USPS delivers it to you.

    It's not new, where you been?!?!?

    I've "been" on split shifts for over a year and a half, dissolved 22.3 so sorry, I didnt' know we used the Post Office. Not all of us are package drivers.

  8. rod

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    JCP was all UPS - 579412 I believe. They must have went to Fedex when I retired and UPS went to hell:happy2:
  9. Red Dawn

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    We lost jcp to fedex many yrs ago. It used to be one of the feeder trucks they loaded on preload. I guess this is how ups is trying to get it back.

    This works in ups favor. Yesterday on we found a basic tube in a air can. Unloader missed it. So no ups can blame the post office for slow del. lol :)
  10. JonFrum

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    Yeah. I'd like to see some honest evaluation of how much Basic business is really new business; business we would not have gotten if it were not for the Basic service.
    - - - -
    Some customers may dislike the extra day delay.

    Some may resent having to use the Postal Service at all.

    Some may think the arrangement smacks of collusion between two giants that should be competitors. What happend to anti-trust enforcement?

    Some may interpret this arrangement as UPS endorsing the Postal Service. "We trust them with our parcels, shouldn't you, the shipping public, as well?"

    Some may find it inefficient because it involves extra handling and two carriers instead of one.

    Some may wonder why UPS is proping up a failing quasi-governmental agency.

    Remember, we are dealing with customers' perceptions. They don't have to be 100% accurate; but they may be genuine and strongly felt.
  11. Monkey Butt

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    Pretty much rules out the Union. :wink2:

    Other than #4, these do not involve the customer that is paying the bill for transportation.
  12. pretzel_man

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    Here is some info on Basic (at least what I remember)

    It is a low priced serviced (no frills) for only certain shippers. Its a contract service and I believe only offered for certain zip codes.

    These are either new shippers or shipper who would divert volume if we didn't offer it. Again, its a contract service and not a general service offering.

    As was stated, the package is picked up, transported, and deliverd to the USPS by Teamsters.

    Yes, its an extra day and directed to shippers who say that time in transit is not important, price is.

    Does it save cost in every case? No... As was mentioned, sometimes there is another package at that house. Sometimes there is one next door.

    Remember though that the basic label is put on at time of shipping. We do not know at that point what other packages will exist for that neighborhood. Maybe one day, the systems will change the service from basic to regular ground after shipping.

    These are the facts as I know them. The thought of a conspiracy here is just silly.

  13. over9five

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    Sorry Kristan. Didn't mean to offend.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Basic packages take stops away from UPS drivers. We are getting screwed.
  15. scratch

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    My Hub was built down the street from a JC Penney Catalog Center. We used to get ten trailers a day and thirty during Peak from them. I used to go in there and blow out a package car with Next Day Air from them. They closed that facility down and moved to Columbus, Ohio, before UPS lost the account to Fedex. I'm glad to see JC Penney back on my package car again.
  16. JonFrum

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    Although the shipper may pay the bill, it is really the receiver who ordered the item that pays the bill. Often, when ordering, there is even a seperate line on the order form for Shipping Cost. If not, then the Shipping Cost is already "hidden" in the price of the item.

    Everyone is either a current UPS shipper, or a potential UPS shipper. We are making an impression, good or bad, on everyone with everything we do. Potential future shippers are turned off by dirty cars, abrupt delivery drivers, excessive repetitive advertizing, burdensome SameDayWillCall proceedures, etc. UPS Management seems to feel only the actual bill paying shipper's feelings should be considered.

    We also have a longstanding problem of being confused with the Post Office. Haven't you spent twenty minutes telling a relative or neighbor that you work at UPS, only to have them ask you next time, "How's the Post Office treating you?" Won't Basic just add to that confusion?
  17. worldwide

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    If the JC Penney packages (or any Basic package) now in the UPS system were previously in the Fedex (or USPS) system, how did ANY stops get taken away from ANY UPS driver? How can something you never had be taken away?
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    No worries, you didn't offend:happy2:

    Also not Kristan but that's ok too
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    Damn Over- you were wrong twice in the same post.:happy-very:
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    I see ... this runs in the family? :funny: