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  1. I had an initial interview today for a seasonal driver job. Next week they would like me to do a road test. They kept saying that the trucks are different than driving a car. Apart from the obvious that they are much bigger, what else is the difference? Are they double clutch?
  2. dilligaf

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    No, no double clutching. Mostly it's just the size. If you have never driven anything larger than a passenger vehicle they can be a bit intimidating.
    When I went to school there were 23 drivers. 1 failed that I know of. He tried to make a right turn at a stop sign and did not allow enough room. He took out the stop sign and did a fair bit of damage to the vehicle that we were in.
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    The newer ones are pretty smooth and drive a lot like a car. The older ones drive like a tractor and handle like a box of rocks.
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    I will forever remember my rookie days as a utility driver. The on car Sup was so impatient with me! He would yell "WE'RE NEVER GONNA GET THIS AIR OFF IF YOU KEEP DRIVING SO SLOW!" He even kicked me over to the jump seat! His yelling and impatience always made it easier for me to handle my new responsiblity to drive such a large vehicle!

    Just relax and drive like normal. A road test isn't the be all and end all. It's just to get you ready for the driving class. And pray for a newer automatic with power steering!!

    Good luck!
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    Do all that you can to ensure that you have an automatic for your road test--that will give you one less thing to worry about; however, ask that you be trained on both automatic and manual as you may be asked to operate both once you pass the road test and start driving.
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    I'm always amazed by the amount of new drivers that have never driven a stick shift. I guess I shouldn't be, and am showing my age. I learned to drive in a stick, took my test in a stick and have pretty much owned a manual transmission vehicle all my life. I enjoy shifting, although sometimes it can be a pain. My wifes car is an automatic, but she can drive a stick shift.

    I'm a little saddened with the switch to automatics. Although I can understand that there will be a lot less expense in clutch replacement. What I see happening instead is guys (or gals) jamming the thing into "park" before the vehicle has come to a complete stop. Or riding the brake with their left foot while driving down the road.

    Oh well.....that's progress!
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    What's funny to me is that in my personal pickup (auto T) I do break with my left foot. In the package car (auto T) I use my right foot. Don't know why I do it different.
    Maybe for the same reason I wear my watch on my left arm (like most right handed people) when not at work, yet when at work I wear it on my right wrist. I guess I'm just weird. Hush Tie.
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    With an automatic, the shorter guys no longer have to worry about jamming their "things" into the stick shift when they get out of the seat.:knockedout:
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    I'm with you there, BB!!

    Never did use my left foot for braking.

    I remember the first time I drove an automatic. It was a 63 Cadillac. They had a very wide rectangular brake pedal ( not to mention extremely good power brakes). I came up to a stop light and tried to put the clutch in. Just about threw myself out the windshield. How embarassing! Didn't do that again.
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    I never learned to brake with my left foot. If I tried to do that now I'd probably cause an accident. :happy-very:
  11. The Brown Santa

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    I thought they were called "Package Cars"?
  12. soberups

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    It happens to us taller guys, too....especially those of us with bigger "things"...
  13. Big Babooba

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    If you keep it wrapped around your waist like I do, then you wouldn't have anything to worry about:rofl:
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    Oh brother...............!!

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    Try not to hit any curbs like I did when I went for my road test...

    Also try to remember...

    1 Car length ahead when stopped in traffic.
    keep the vehicle in gear till you come to a full stop, then apply the hand brake when stopped.
    I would give you the whole 5 seeing habits and ten point commentary, but if you make it on as s seasonal, you'll have it crammed down you're throat till ya wanna puke...Good luck...
  16. Hedley_Lamarr

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    Oh, and if you make it on, NEVER and I mean NEVER put the keys down on the shelf in the back of the package car. You will lock the keys in the back if you do that.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    A few of the posts above were saddened at the switch to automatics. I just got one of the new pkg cars, w/automatic, power steering and a 3 pt seat belt, and heater and w/w wipers and washer that actually work. I gotta tell you, it is pretty sweet. I have noticed 2 problems, however; first, it does seem to swing wider in the turns and, second, I have to keep looking at the speedometer to make sure I am not speeding as they do have cajones. One of my co-workers told me his first day with the new pkg car he was doing 45 in a residential area and did not realize it. I believe him--I have found myself having to back off. Yes, I was doing the imaginary clutch thing for the first part of my first day but now I have no desire to go back to the standard. I'll be curious to see if I feel this way when the snow flies.
  18. thanks for your input. i wasn't aware that UPS even had automatic trucks. the hr rep made it seem as though they were all manual transmission vehicles. i'll bring up the vehicle i'll be tested on when i talk to them. thanks again!
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    You do need to know how to shift a manual trans though. When you started this thread, I noticed that you asked about "double clutching", which is what you had to know a long time ago when some manual transmissions weren't synchronized. So that shouldn't be a problem. But new drivers will usually get an older package car with a straight shift. Where I am at, the senior drivers get the automatics. We are about 50/50 in the ratio of manual vs. auto. So they are coming folks, eventually everybody will have one. I think the straight shifts are fun to drive, I drive a P5 on my first trip. But I do love my two year old P7, it drives like a Cadillac compared to the older cars.:happy2:
  20. Hedley_Lamarr

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    There are VERY few automatic vehicles. I was assigned to drive a van the other day (van means strait job in UPS jargon) and it was a 2007 International, auto, PS PB. This thing drove nicer than my car...No A/C of course...