Packing the right stuff at the right time

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    Packing the right stuff at the right time - China Daily

    Multi-hub strategy to keep UPS ahead of competition, says Asia-Pacific head

    When Nando Cesarone started working as a delivery driver for United Parcel Service Inc in Canada 23 years ago, foreign courier companies were yet to expand their wings into China, something that would not happen until 2005.

    Sitting in a meeting room at UPS China's headquarters in Shanghai, Cesarone, president of the Asia-Pacific Region for UPS, said the company is poised to grow its investment and resources to improve the carriage of high-tech and high-end consumer products to and from China over the next three years.
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    Nothing UPS can control, but it would be nice to see a lot more "to" than "from."
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    We send several items there.
    Stolen pattens comes to mind?