Paid for being Forgotten

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    I worked Metro delivery this morning and I was available for pickups this afternoon outside the beltway. They:happy-very: give me one delivery and planned on whoring me out for a few hours before having to leave metro to do my pick ups for the rest of the day. I do the one delivery and 1.5 goes by and nothing.

    Two hours later they said go here help her.. she doesn't need help, OK go here and help her... she does need any help...

    come 11:30 I head out to take my lunch outside the beltway to a place within my pick up area. the rest of the day goes by smooth I get back to the building to find the Saturday Sup doesn't want to pay me for my first four hours because they forgot I was down there. :happy-very::happy-very::happy-very:

    Needless to say I was paid for the full day at my full rate. Free money
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    "Work as directed", or not in this case.
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    The best part of being an air driver = dead time. However, I would send a msg or two to the center to cover my a** in the event they forget about me (which, they do!)
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    so what'd you have for lunch?
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    Sounds like I will have 320 stops on monday to make up for your wages.... :happy-very:
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    Thats funny because that sounds like my first full day of shifting. It was a saturday morning and the midnight sort just wrapped up and of course there is no preload till Monday. I completed a move around 0330 and sat and waited for my next one. An hour goes by and no move so I send a message asking if I can go home(had been there for nearly 12 hours by that point). Waited another 15 min. and received no response so I go upstairs and the yard control office is dark with all the computers shut off and everyone went home. I realized at that point that was my cue to go home too.