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  1. cafebrown

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    Long time lurker, first time poster. The PAL label has:

    Consignee name
    P: ___ S: ___ I: ___
    Route Number-Sequence Number
    Tracking number
    Identifying information on the center/printer that printed the label.

    What are P, S, and I?
  2. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    I am from a small center. P was the main belt. S was the side of the belt(east/west). We didn't use I.

    But, the gist of it is on which belt, which side of the belt and I have know idea.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Good question. I have seen the P/S/I but have never been curious as to what they stood for. I will check it out today.
  4. scratch

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    Sort to Primary Sort Belt by color, then Secondary Sort Belt by color, and then the package will be placed at the front or rear of the last belt before the Preloader pulls it off.
  5. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    You are from a large building, aren't you?
  6. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I am currently in a small Hub, the larger Hubs have Secondary Sorts in a different part of the building.
  7. Anonymous 10

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    You want a pressure washer with a high psi.
  8. barnyard

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    Huh. We have one belt, so the PSI line on ours is either east or west for the side of the belt it should be on.
  9. Indecisi0n

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    My old cars turbo was running 20 PSI.
  10. laffter

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    An example of one of our P S I's is something like P: M3 S: 1PUSH I: M3

    I'm not sure why P and I are the same for us, but it denotes the belt that it goes to. In this example, M3 would be Metro 3.
    S is the area on the belt. Our belts normally have about 6 areas. The first one is referred to as 1PUSH, then 2RIDE, 3RIDE, 4RIDE. Those are all on one side of the pick-off, then there's 7L and 8L on the other side of the pick-off. We have 7 belts like this.

    My guess is that our center doesn't use the I, so they just put whatever P is.
  11. tre305

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    I always wondered that as well as what those numbers after the SLIC on packages represented. For instance my building is 3311 so the package may say "FL 331 1-04"
  12. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    The "I" is for "Irregulars drop point". It instructs the irreg driver where to drop the irregular pkgs for a particular pull, as often there is no space to leave the irregs next the car or even series of cars the loader will ultimately take the package to. It stinks when your pull is not very close to the irregular drop point.

    The number is a bay number where a package car would normally be parked but is left empty for the irreg drop. In my bldg on each boxline there may be 25-30 bays on one side of the boxline; the irregular drops are typically the first and last bay numbers, e.g. "601" or "640", as well as one or two bays left open in the middle of the line as well.

    Conversely, when I was a preloader at the Philly air hub-a larger bldg but with not as many routes and centers-there was a lot more space, and often one's irregular drop was right next to their load, maybe you'd have to cross one other guy's pull to get your irregs.
  13. Scottyhawk

    Scottyhawk What is it? A brown box. Duh

    In our hub we have multiple primary belts going to different walls assigned by color and off of the primary belts are secondary belts or cages going to the section where the truck is going to be loaded. So an example at our center is P brown, S orange, I 6. Which translates to primary sort to brown wall, secondary sort to orange belt loading onto truck 6.