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    Here is the big problem, our B.A.'s are spread to thin, Palatine, IL is the biggest preload operation in the US. We have one BA for that building and he runs 2 others....Our full time package driver who was one of the best Stewards I have ever known just stepped down due to the fact that our BA cannot handle the mess. I kid you not just in the North Center alone 2 docks not including part timers,22.3's, feeder, or porters JUST package drivers he was filing 50 grievances per week, all across the spectrum from sups working to overtime etc... getting paid was a joke, back ups almost 1 year, now don't get me wrong I LOVE our union, they do the best that they can do. But when we start fighting with each other, thats when it starts to fall apart...There is no package driver union stewerd in the North Center, the far North center which is right next to docks 1+2 is local 710 do you see my point????We need unity esp. when the brown bastards want us to fight, and now this contract is upon us we are truly in trouble...
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    Where are you at in palatine? I am aware of what you are talkling about, but dont blame the ba on this one. Our ba in palatine is one of the best agents i have ever known. It is true he is spread thin, but also remember that is why we have stewards in the buildings. The agents job is to take care of the more serious issues when the steward cannot, however alot of the stewards in palatine only care about their guys and/ or care about the benefits they receive from being in managements hip pocket. The ba should explain his expectations of what a steward is responsible for, maybe some of these stewards are not aware or plainly just dont care about anything besides saving the dues money for being a steward.

    Until all the stewards are held accountable to uphold the contract and stop walking past these sups working, signing off on suspensions for bs, and most importanly until they start representing the members best interest in the office instead of making them feel that the union is against them to, it will be hell on the members. This steward that you talk about, has put his neck on the line time after time for all of the members in that building, right? Not just his center, but all the centers, preload and twilight and for what? He has been fired! His route gets more work put on it every day! Hes been dis-qualified from feeder over being a steward! And you know what hes never bitched about it until now. Everyman has a breaking point and hes reached it, hopefully he will reconsider down the road, but the union needs to back their people when their people stand up for the people and make the elected reps look better in doing so. We all know being a steward is a thankless job, at least here in chicago we dont have to pay dues in exchange for being a steward, but maybe he had to make a stand and do what he believed was right.

    The far north center is 705, we do have some converted 710 members from when they closed the crystal lake facility but they fell into 710 and they brought a great steward with them. Dave is a great steward and also helped 710 negioate their last contract in 2002.
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    Billy, is one of the best, I agree 1000%.... I too have been fired 4 times total since I became a steward, Juan is a great BA, but since John died, there has been alot of problems in our building, Steve needs to make Bill a BA NOW!!! Not someone from feeder either.... Bill has helped everyone in that building, if Steve wants to put a feeder guy then put in Jimmy, he is a great champion of 705 and our contract!!!! We need another BA NOW. I don't blame Bill for resigning as steward, I am a ****hair away also, who needs it?
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