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    like i said i work in Columbia SC and parking at our facility is half paved half gravel. i drive a nice car and refuse to park in the gravel because of the idiots in 4x4 trucks that drift corners and sling rocks every where. i spent my hard earned money restoring my car and refuse to have it ruined. what can brown do for you right? lol. anyways, when parking was full i would park by a wooded area as far away from the building as i could. then the security people (american security at my hub) would put a bright orange and pain in the ass to remove sticker on the side window. I said something to my manager about it and he said if it happened again to just call him. At this point in time our start time was 6pm and the customer counter at my hub closed at 630 so i would call my FT sup and he would tell me to park in customer parking to come on in.

    I parked there for about 2 days and this lady in our gaurd shack come out threating to tow my car. I told her she could go in and tell my boss that im not coming in today because shes threating to tow my vehicle. needless to say 10 mins later i was getting a phone call from my FT saying to come on back and park in customer parking. I do so and come out to a sticker on my car! ***! this lady has it out for me.

    i have since aquired a motorcycle and we have motorcycle parking right by the guardshack. well this same lady said i was parking my motorcycle too close to her gaurdshack. OH WOW! she said i was blocking some banner. i went and read the banner and it was a customer service banner that was hung no where near the Customer service center. ***. anyways this lady is out to get me.

    she always parks her car(or security truck whichever she is in on whatever day) on the side of the road right across from the guard shack. Do yall think it would be wrong to report this to a police friend of mine? keeping in mind that in my area parking along side the road like that (county owned in my area) is a $250 ticket. :gun_banda
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    awesome idea man. the old saying, u reap what u sow comes to mind. Some people have their nose stuck so far up their own butt that they need a little welcoming back to earth
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    It sounds like this is an issue that you should be able to resolve on your own.


    we don't have security at our hub the lot isn't even fenced just walk right in but our parking lot is paved in front dirt in back i do not like a dusty car so I park in front sometimes when it is full I park in customer parking. nothing was said until I started filing greivances now I am instructed where to park in designated spots only to funny
    oh yeah our customer counter is only open 3 1/2 hours 2 - 5:30
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    you guys have a parking lot???
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    For the right amount of money, I can have the guard shack removed. I almost got it a year or so ago.
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    apparently you've never dealt with an egotistical female flashlight cop
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    American Security Service? Say no more.
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    borrow your friend's badge, and just flash it at her.
    If she says anything, softly say...payback is a b*tch.
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    Actually, I have--you may have read about it in Penthouse.:wink2:
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    Im not Sure? so dont qoute me .I think fedx has paved parking lots with lots of empty space.
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    my avatar is parked on dirt its ok