Part Couriers working full time hours !

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    Why be a full time courier when you can be part time courier, and work 50-60 hours/week ?
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    with pseudo-Fedex,HD division,
    i do that during peak season as well as summertime months



    I ask myself that question on a daily basis, but I know why I get shoved in the corner and no hours...they conveniently remembered my job title has handler in it, and since we have so many people now, who gets the poo-poo end of the stick?
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    Why make someone FT when you can abuse the hell out of them and not give them FT benefits or a guaranteed 35 hrs? Look at last weeks JCATS and compare the ratio of FT to PT posts. Fred wants his cake, your cake, my cake, and everyone elses cake, but he doesn't want to pay anything for it. Surprised?
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    I don't see how it is such a bad thing. If people are willing tol work full time hours for part-time pay and benes, then what is going to stop Fred from persuing it? Only when people break the chain will there be changes.
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    Fred also loves to keep station staffing super lean because he's too cheap to provide quality service. Anytime there's sick calls or emergency situations, then everything goes into tailspin mode. That's when managers try and con the part-timers into working more than 30 hours a week mostly by calling them up when they're still asleep.

    Except for when MT3 needs to turn in an impressive report and sends down an iron fisted directive to not let PT couriers go beyond 30 hours a week. And within 3 weeks that's all somehow forgotten.


    It happens on Jan 3rd and by Feb 1st it's usually back to normal. One of my PT buddies is a Tues-Sat driver and last week, they had so many extras they called him on Sat morning around 5 woke him up and told him he could take the day off.

    Ain't that just the nicest thing you ever heard?
  8. I wish these idiotic part-timers would just...say...NO!!! I'd love to see that at our station. We have a handful of part-timers working full-time hours due to our station already being short 7 drivers.

    Billy Baconhead
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    It's all voluntary. Wait till they see a 20 hour vacation pay check.
    I RARELY worked 'extra hours' when I was PT. I'd guess in 4 years, I MAY have stayed late 3 or 4 times.

    My guess would be that if they showed they are willing to come in early, stay late and work on their days off, it'll make a difference when a FT position becomes available.


    I don't get mad at the PT's working as many hours as they can, I remember how that was. What's really funny is, if you watch to see who gets the hours and who doesn't, you see the favorites and the not-so's.