Part Time Air Driver Seniority

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    I have been working as a part-time pre-loader in our center for about 4 years now. I'm considering being an "air driver." Basically, this person runs extra air packages in the morning sometimes that the other drivers don't have time to do, or if air comes in late and they need someone to go to the airport and bring it back to the center or shuttle the air to other drivers, this is the person who does it.

    So my questions are as follows...

    1. What is the technical name for this position? Is it part-time air driver or what?

    2. How would my seniority for this position be determined. I'm under the impression that it would be based on my part-time seniority date. So, even if there was another "air driver" who had been doing it before me but who was hired into the company after me, when I became an "air driver" I would bump ahead of them in regard to seniority.

    3. I've also been told that the only days they can force me to drive are the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other than that, I was told by other employees that Saturday air and extra air work would be offered to highest seniority first, and then forced upon the lowest seniority if the higher seniority people declined.

    Is this accurate? Any help would be appreciated.
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    What you are describing is an Art 40 Air Exception Driver. Seniority is determined by your PT date. Two year progression to top rate which today is $24.74 an hour. If you pick up or deliver ground you should get top package car driver rate. You also can be forced to deliver on Saturday. All spelled out in Art. 40. One of the easiest higher paying jobs at UPS. If you don't mind working 6 days a week. Good training if you are thinking of driving FT.