Part time air driver to RPCD or 22.4


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Let’s say Someone who is a part time air driver who takes the air packages to the airport and works in the hub on days where he/she doesn’t drive to the airport wants to become a full time regular package car driver when their seniority is high enough. Would they be red circled at their air rate or would they have to start at the bottom below what their air rate is? This is assuming that they are not a cover driver right now.

Also, does anyone know if air drivers can become 22.4 drivers and keep their current air rate as well or would they have to go down to $20 an hour?

I ask this because I feel that 22.4 drivers will take away all the air drivers jobs unless they make 22.4 drivers do air pick ups and then work in the hub. I wish we had more answers about these 22.4 jobs as they are kind of vague in the contract.


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Unless your in wpa. You will probably be red circled. In my building air shuttle and air driver bids just went up and the 22.4 list is supposedly going up in the next couple weeks, so I would guess air driving will still be around after 22.4