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    The smartest union workers at UPS get a combo gig, reach top rate, stay for their easy gig then get a voluntary lay-off every day of the week, making them part time workers @ $27/hour, in less than 10 years.

    Since when does seniority give you the right not to work, while holding hostage a full-time job for someone who would actually appreciate the money it provides? This situation works out well for the combo in question and UPS really enjoys it, while screwing over the rest of the workforce.
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    haha, 22.3s are masters of gaming the system. Otherwise they'd be driving. Yes that's a generalization, hope I didn't offend too many people.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    I call it cock blocking. It was the same way for several 22.3's at my center until very recently. Now their all complaining because they actually have been made to work their 8. Wonder what that's all about??
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    I've said it before.... and will say it again.

    This is why, there will never be any more "specific" National contract language for the 22.3 classification.

    A few bad apples.... do spoil the whole bunch.

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    This doesn't surprise me. Additionally, with the expansion of RTW, it's far easier to coast as a scab in a 22.3 job than it is as a driver. Scab combos don't have to worry about running over an angry customer's dog or knocking a mirror off their package car so they feel like they don't "need" union protection. Sure, they're making $26+/hour with a guaranteed 40 hour work week and likely have two gravy jobs. But a large chunk of people would rather not pay their ~$80/month in dues and kiss their manager's ass instead.

    While the vast majority of the 22.3's in my building work both shifts consistently (I don't have any qualms with a Twilight/Midnight guy taking a lay-off on his second shift once in a blue moon) there are indeed a "few bad apples" that never work their second four hour shift. The company should really allow some of these people a pathway to going back to PT, even if it meant a pay cut back to the PT scale they would otherwise be on.
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    It's more of a problem in the hub's.

    In the smaller buildings or centers, it is almost non-existent. But, the hub's are where most of the jobs are.

    Everyone.... can benefit from some time off.

    There are people that would do it. But, they want to keep their current pay rate.

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    In cases like these we can be our own worst enemy. Not only are those 22.3 workers not fully utilizing a full-time position that many part-timers would love to have, but it also gives the company another reason to delay or forgo creating more similar 22.3 jobs. If the existing 22.3s aren't even working fulltime hours where is the need for more?

    I too witnessed this as a part-timer watching full-time 22.3s squander what I believed to be a good job at the time. Unfortunately those who would wait long enough to get a 22.3 job and pass on driving are typically the lazier workers who just want the full-time hourly pay, but not the full-time hours.
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    The new NE supplement has language that allows 22.3 to go back to P/T due to medical reasons.

    Also, I'd say that working overnights (which 90% of 22.3 jobs are, along with many feeder/shifting spots, etc ), it quickly kills the mind and body and people will die young because of this. Look up third-shift sleep disorder, for example. There are many devastating effects from working overnights and the union nor company don't really care who it takes out along the way. Just a number. Not everyone is the same, and you have to look out for your own health and wellness.
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    JC 37 rider will allow it for any reason, as long as they've been FT for 2 years.
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    Isn't it actually clock blocking????
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    Seniority gives u the right to work not the right not to work. However practice has long been ask from the top down force bottom up for a day off.

    I agree though I keep looking at the seniority list and see guys that have been her 35,37,40 years that aren't even talking retirement and I'm just like come on. This doesn't even include feeders. I heard a feeder driver last night say "I'm here til I die. I made 110k last year I ain't giving that up."

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Must have been my auto correct. Could have sworn I typed clock. Or maybe it was a Freudian slip??? Lol
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    I see far too many combos whom haven't worked one of their two shifts in months. If you're unable to work both shifts because you can't physically handle it, you should be forced back to part-time, giving someone else an opportunity.
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    Black and white. The world doesn't work that way.
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    Huh? Of course it's black and white. If you can't handle working two shifts, you can't handle one, you shouldn't be working at all. You're either injured or you're healthy enough to do the job(s) you bid on.
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    Wow, I had no idea this was happening. Why not work? We have a 22.3 employee in my area, averages about 31-33 hours each week between both shifts. We all hive him crap for it too, since some of us PT employees are getting close to 25 some weeks doing the same job.
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    In my area seniority gives you the option to work or to refuse the work.

    In my area senior members always get first choice.

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    Are you part time??
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    its pretty sad that they make these combo jobs, and only pay them what $27 hr. when they are doing the exact same work that a regular drivers do, UPS didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday, they know exactly what they are doing.