part-time courier, 30 hrs a week, 17.22 to start?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by redsox83, Jan 28, 2013.

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    I have a drug test/physical set up and want to hear from any other part-time employees with fedex or past employees (what i should expect in the first few weeks). Should I expect to work beyond or below the stated 30 hours? On average, how long does it take to get a full-time position?
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    If you're not aware of it, I will fill you in. FedEx is in the process of downsizing to an almost all PT workforce. Anybody hiring-in right now will probably never get full-time. It all depends on your location as to how many hours you will work. At some locations, part-timers get all the hours they want, but at others they get minimum hours. You are guaranteed a minimum of 17.5 hrs per week, which may change, but the big thing to remember is that even if you are getting hours now, they will be a lot harder to get in the future.

    Try to get hired by UPS. You'll be glad you did. FedEx is no longer a quality company, or even a decent employer.
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    I second that.
    What part of MA are you in?
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  5. Mr. 7

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    That's damn good starting pay. I've been FT for 6 yrs. and only make $18.09 an hr.
    I grew up just South of Bean Town.
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    I've been a courier for 10 years and don't make seventeen bucks!
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    We keep worrying about getting our pay reduced to comparable with Ground. Appears they are catching up!
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    been crr for 6, and I'm not even within $2 of that... move me to Mass, I'm sure I could find comparable housing... ;)
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    I'm seriously surprised about that starting pay.
    Central Mass is boonieville. $17.22 is pay scale H. Only third down from top pay scale.