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    My husband went to driving school around 4 years ago and is still a Cover Driver and does the presort. At the time he was sent to school there was another part time employee who had been there longer, but wasn't old enough to drive at the time - he is now. Both of them were told (by management) that the younger, but higher part time seniority was first in line if a full time spot opened, but that he couldn't go to driver's school until that spot opened up or he would go to the bottom of the "Cover/Air Driver list" because their "progression" had already started. The management has been bugging him to go to school because another Cover Driver got an Extreme DUI and was told he wouldn't be eligible to drive for 3.5 years. He said he didn't want to go to driving school because he didn't want to lose his seniority for the full time spot. Then they told him that he had to go to school and would be behind all the other Cover Drivers regardless, that he couldn't jump in front for the full time spot. Now they are telling them both that he can go to school and be a Cover Driver and jump in front of all the other Cover Drivers because he is at the top of the "Part Time list", so he would be first for both driving Air and if/when the full time spot opens up. My husband is going to talk to the steward tomorrow just to make sure, but we don't have a whole lot of faith that anyone knows what they are talking about...insight is appreciated!
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    easier to read, yeah?
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    What the heck is an Extreme DUI??
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    A high blood alcohol level
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    There are two (2) seniority list in the building your husband is in a FT and PT list. Your husband is on the PT list anyone with more seniority than your husband on the PT seniority list has first dibs on a FT driver job. Being a PT cover driver or Pt Air driver doesn't give you anymore rights to a FT Driver job then a person with more seniority that is unloading trailers on the preload. Seniority is based on time....
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    Seniority is a bit**
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    We get that the he has the right to the full time spot, but what about being in the first cover driver spot too? So what I am getting is PT it PT regardless of what you are doing? It's just annoying that the management says one thing and then it keeps changing...either way it doesn't really matter, but it is funny that now someone else is saying that he "technically refused a full time spot already (by being not old enough at the time it was open)" so he should be behind anyone who was already there at the time. The saga continues HAHAHAHA!
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    Being a cover or air driver first, gives you experience at driving the truck and running the diad.

    It gives you a leg up on qualifying.... But, doesn't trump seniority.

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    That the way it works it really sucks when the people that have be PT for years and have passed up a FT position a number of times finally decided they want to go FT....
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    What also sucks is when you have more company seniority than many of your coworkers but they get a full time job before you because you had transfered from another building. Then later one of them wins the bid on your favorite route. And to top it all of you get to hear all of the customers complain about the guy.
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    I think the absolute worse is when you have been working for years on the inside and some yahoo gets hired off the street and gets a FT driver job before you.
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    If it were possible.....I would push the "like" link until my thumb fell off.