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    Hello all. I might get the chance to become a part time cover driver. The next class starts at the end of the month. I currently work full time during the day (only making 8 dollars an hour), and work the twilight in the evenings. My question is, how much do cover drivers actually work in the offseason? And would it be worth it to give up my fulltime job (and steady income) to get the chance to drive?

  2. cosmo1

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    Maybe. Is your center short drivers? Are there retirements coming up?
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    Depends on your supplement. The company can only use cover drivers during certain periods (ie. June-Dec) or for a maximum numbers of reports (such as 180/year). Also, more senior RTDs will be allowed to drive ahead of you so it's not a guarantee. However, you'll accrue progression credit for if/when you go FT.
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    Not sure if we are short on drivers. But there is talk about a few drivers getting ready for retirement.
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    There are a lot of variables to your situation. Way too many to list.

    Bottom line, if your lifestyle can handle the monetary swings, being a cover driver (tcd...where I'm from) is a great move if you want to someday be a full time package car driver.
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    You are really the only one that can answer that question accurately. Asking here is an exercise in futility.

    None of us know how many other covers are in your building, how many are close to retirement, how many are out on comp, etc.

    Ask around in YOUR building and you will get some much better guesses, that in the end will be just that, guesses.