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  1. lawnj315

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    I am transferring soon to a new location under the part time employee educational transfer.

    I am a part time driver. The hub where I am going does not have part time drivers anymore - all have been made combo full-time. Since I will be working a different job, I am wondering what will happen to my current pay rate. Will it remain the same, or will it be dropped to whatever job I am forced to take.

    My Steward said it would likely be up to UPS. The contract is silent about this scenario and about the pay rate.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

  2. LKLND3380

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    We had two employees relocate from Ohio... One did a Educational the other just a straight transfer...

    The educational kept his pay rate... The other lost it all and is $9.50

    Section 6 - Part-time Employee Transfer

    Part-time employees who wish to transfer to another location for educational purposes may submit a written request to the Employer. If approved, the transfer shall be allowed subject to the following conditions:

    A. A part-time opening exists at the desired location.

    B. Employees must have attained seniority and been employed by the Employer for at least one (1) year.

    C. Job Classification Seniority shall be end-tailed.

    D. Company seniority shall be retained for the purpose of number of weeks of vacation, and number of holidays in accordance with the applicable Supplement at the new location.

    E. Any expenses, including moving expenses associated with an approved transfer, shall be the responsibility of the employee."
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    Thanks for the advice LKLND3380!

  4. you would think if they retain company seniority for vacation that the pay rate wouldn't change either....sounds fishy.
  5. Keepingthemhonest

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    If you aren't transfering for educational purposes, you are just "transfering" as lakeland said UPS makes you quit and get rehired thus "transfer" - no vacations no senority bottom of the bucket's bull****
  6. LKLND3380

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    Not fishy at all, the one guy did an educational transfer and kept company seniority for vacations and pay... I think he is the highest paid unloader in our building at the moment...

    The other guy did a "Non educational transfer" which means he had to be taken out of the system and is just like a new hire. Lost company seniority for pay and vacations... If he wasn't doing a skilled job for 9.50 he would have lost that $1.00 as well... Great worker and it sucks that with all his experience he is making about $6.00 less becuse it was a non education transfer...

    Both lost seniority for job bidding...
  7. ohhh ok I follow you now. So there really isn't a transfer for non educational reasons then is there? You just quit and get rehired.
  8. tigerose_27

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    I am having a horrible time trying to complete my PT educational transfer. I submitted the papers and class schedule and letter to my HR rep three weeks ago, and it is taking forever. I am all ready to move, I am just waiting everyday from a call from my HR rep. Every week I call him and he says it's being worked on, and he still has to check on it. The slow, lousy, corporate beauracracy is so darn inefficient. I am pretty sure I will get the transfer to the smaller Hub in Helena, it is still a hub and it should have an opening for me. I can't beleive this is taking so long, this could be completed in a day if they would get it together.
  9. RockyRogue

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    True that it could be completed in a day. A simple phone call would do the trick. The final denial of my transfer was made via a phone call. I know that because the HR rep FINALLY called the new center directly and told me to call back in X time. I did. The transfer was denied. Good luck with yours! -Rocky
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Been there done that. You have to stay on HR. Call them often. Stop by HR in person. Be a pest! The trick is to get the main HR supervisor envolved. That is what I did.
  11. benschreivogel

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    I was told once that you can also get instant transfer if your spouse gets employed out of state and have to move. UPS will transfer so as not to break up the family.Not so sure about the pay on that though.
  12. MR_Vengeance

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    is this for part timers or full timer? i don't think they would do this for a fulltime driver.
  13. LKLND3380

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    I am 99% positive this applies to MANAGEMENT/SUPERVISORS ONLY...