Part-Time Employee covering Feeder work (Opinions Please)

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    I am a part time employee who covers vacations for Feeders. I signed a full time single day coverage bid back in 2009. This summer i had the opportunity to cover more than expected and got over 30 working days in a 90 day period. I filed a grievance for full time. What are my chances here?....
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    I think part-time feeder coverage drivers is :censored2:
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  3. barnyard

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    What did your shop steward say???
  4. grgrcr88

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    In the central region if you worked 30 in 90 you would gain seniority in most situations, however I am uncertain about the part time coverage language as we do not have any here so I have not taken the time to read up on it much.
  5. Tater Chip

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    Keep us up to date on what happens, i have been covering feeders for 3.5 years as a part timer, some other guys have been for nearly 6 years. Most of us are 13-15 year part timers waiting to get full time. Good Luck hope you get the job
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    His shop steward was busy with the OMS when that was posted. What a joke.
  7. menotyou

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    Usually, it's the center manager or on-cars that mess with the OMS.
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    Even if it's two dudes?
  9. menotyou

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    Who am I to judge? :rofl:
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    I had the hearing this week. It's going to state panel...Local said that part-time coverage drivers can't gain seniority .
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    Dueling chubbies!
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    There's that word, again. I can't stop giggling.