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    You are guaranteed 3.5 hours a night which makes a total of 17.5 hours a week. If the supervisors have more work for you you can ask thats what I thought.

    Right now they are cutting back hours making employees take a day off every week making sure they only work 3.5 hours a day no more than that to stay in with their labor time requirments from their management. Dont think this fair sometimes we cannot finish our work by 3.5 hours they make us leave anyway and give the work and hours to someone else with less Seniority. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do???
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    Duplicate thread and you already posted on that thread.
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    Just wanted to be heard
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    You are guaranteed 3.5 hrs per shift, 5 shifts a week. They cannot make you take a day off.

    They can make you go home after 3.5 hours and let others, senior or not, work to their 3.5 hours, but if the junior person works say, 4 hours you can grieve the extra half hour as 'extra work' not offered by seniority.

    The key is to document and file timely and complete grievances.
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    Ditto well said !
    PS State the contract article w/ all others applicable / and the phrase "to be made whole"
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    I was under the impression that seniority rules in "extra hours" situations even if 3.5 hrs have been meet. meaning they would HAVE to give the more senior person the option of staying for more work.
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    That is how it is supposed to work---it is up to the employees to make sure that it is done this way and to file when it isn't.
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    I took from the OP that it was something like this:

    Bob, 5 years senior, starts at 1700 and works to 2230 and is sent home.
    Jill , 1 year senior, starts at 1730 and works til 2300 and is sent home.

    So say Jill is an unloader and Bob loads trailers. If, after 2300, the Supervisor asks Jill to stay past 3.5 and finish up loading a late trailer then I would say there is a legitimate grievance there, especially if this is a recurring thing.
    Now if it's just that Jill takes her sweet ass time getting off the clock at 2310 then it's not really extra work.

    Damn that Jill.

    It would be reasonable to assume that management could have foreseen that the possibility of extra work would arise within that half hour and should have asked Bob if he wanted to stay. The blanket policy of sending people home after 3.5 would also help bolster your argument because by not adjusting start times to reasonably place senior people in the position to be available for extra work they are attempting to circumvent the language and use less expensive lower seniority people to perform the work.
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    Do you have the contract article I need to state thank you
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    Article 3 sec 7 (a) & (c) basically lays out the procedure, although the intent of that article is to prevent Supervisors from working. Most likely you need to look in your Sort Rider (also be sure to read any letters of understanding attached), look for Seniority and Recognition of Seniority to start. Also note that if you are in the Air Operation you need to read through Article 40 first, and then see if your Sort Rider has any language under Air Operation that applies.