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    pART TIMERS AT UPS PERFORM 8 TO 12 HRS FAIR WORK IN LESS THAN 3 HRS TIME WHEN COMPARED TO THE AVERAGE aMERICAN JOB. sO THEY SHOULD BE PAID AT LEAST $23 PER HR. jUST BECAUSE THEY WORK PArt time hrs does not mean they should be subjected to explooitive substandard pay for back breaking work. Ups starts them at $8 while fed ex starts part timers at $12.50. AT fed ex part timers have much safer conditions and perform only 1 third to 1 fifth of the average weight lifted per hr as at ups. UPs is a BUM DEAL FOR NEW PART TIMERS. oNLY THOSE THAT WHERE HIRED PRIOR TO THE 1982 WAGE REDUCTION AND MAKE OVER $22.50 ARE PAID FAIRLY. pLEASE SUPPORT THE bLACK tHURSDAYS PROTEST AGAINST PT POVERTY BY PUTTING A "end ups part time poverty" public awareness bumper sticker on your car when they are distributed for free at your hub/center. THank you.
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    if you think partimers work 8-12 hours in only 3 hours what the heck do you think drivers do? Slack off? PPPPPPPlease! NO way would i put that crap on my car. i have my own issues with UPS but if you don't like the job go to fed ex.
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    Well I notice Kim has finally crawled her way over to this board. Too bad. Cheryl has always done an excellent job and I have the utmost of respect for all of the old time posters & ex M.F. crowd. Suddenly it seems we are inundated with the negative fringe element.I fear the days of fun and stock discussion are over. Dabus, did you leave the lights on over at M.F.?
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    I agree badhab1. It would be a shame to see this board sink to the lowest common denominator. If this becomes the case, the bad usually drives out the good.
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    Oh no, who told Kim about this place? I wish Cheryl would come back and moderate, I suspect she is on vacation.
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    The lights are still on and your welcome back any time Badhab. The MF board has been very quiet and we need some of the oldtimes to get things rolling again.
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    Kimberly please enlighten us by providing us with the basis for your assessment that 12 hours of work is performed in three.
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    Refresh me.. Is this the woman who lives in a ski lodge, doesn't work for UPS, sells badly made/over priced T-shirts to part timers and ships them USPS? She seems to have some sort of caps lock problem as well.
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    Management always says if you don't like it you don't have to work here, or go work at fed-ex. It makes me sick to here it from them and to here it on this board.
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    Understood. The logic behind it is this is not a government job and its never going to be easy. There are not too many easy jobs at UPS. That expression basically means you know what you were getting into so why cry about it?