Part time overtime for the week?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Diegotron, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Diegotron

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    Just wondering how many hours in a week I have to get before I get overtime. Guy at work was saying I don't get weekly overtime no matter how many hours. :dissapointed: Anything over 5 in a shift, 8 in a day and.....anything weekly? I'm part time.
  2. barrycold

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    anything over 5 hours is overtime.
  3. Diegotron

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    Thanks cause I already didn't know that, since in my post I said it.
  4. Service Failure

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    Anything over 5 in a day is overtime unless you take up bid air or some form of combo then it bumps up to eight before you get overtime. Driving bid air also bumps up your weekly overtime to 40 hrs for the week before you recieve overtime but since you are part-time only anything over 5 in a day and 25 in a week is considered o.t. That should be correct.
  5. Diegotron

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    Are you kidding me? Cause I made 43-45 hours this week even though I missed a day. You trying to tell me I'm gonna have like 18 hours overtime just weekly? Not counting my overtime from daily OT. Triple shift/double shifted all week. Cept Sunday no work. Can anyone verify this 26 hours and over being OT for the week?

    Edit: And I'm guessing you meant 5 in a shift, not day. I have to make more than 8 in a day to get OT.
  6. barrycold

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    you asked a stupid question. It's not my fault you work at ups and don't know anything.
  7. Diegotron

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  8. Sac Hub Sorter

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    newbie.... 40 hours plus...haha i smell a grievence
  9. Service Failure

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    So again, if you work just your shift its 5 hours then its overtime and 25 for the week. If you work as a bid air driver or SOME SORT OF COMBO, meaning double-shifting or triple shifting or whatever it is you do then overtime applies weekly after 40 hours and anything over 8 hrs per shift daily.

    Anyways no need to be an ass to the people trying to help you out. Regardless of how much information they offer or information you find useless theres no need for sarcasm.
  10. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    for what ever reason, there seem to be differences across the us

    on your regular shift or working classification, anything over 5 hours a day, not 25 a week.

    if you work another shift, but it is not your regularly scheduled shift, it starts over again

    supposedly anything over 40 hours regardless of what shifts or job classifications you work should be ot, but i have seen too many exceptions to the 40 hour rule to believe that is the actual rule of thumb.

    it is also interesting that a part timer in our building 6 years ago made over 75 grand.

    one last thought. when filing on overtime issues, one of the issues you deal with is that the company does not have to offer you the extra work, they can hire outsiders to fill the shift. so if you press the ot while working outside of your job classification, you might find that you cut the extra time for everyone that is getting extra work and needs the extra time to survive. double edged sword.

  11. dannyboy

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    what you meant as a statement you wrote as a question. no need to bite someone elses head off if you are the one that screwed up the conversation.

  12. LaUpser

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    i work at least 26 a week p/t and that preload
  13. Forty6and2

    Forty6and2 I'm Broken

    5 hours in a shift for p/t is not overtime in my building...
  14. drewed

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    Some pt air (sort) employees dont get OT till 8 as well as some supplements make ot 8 for pters not 5
  15. UPSGUY72

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    You have to look at your local supplement. Rules for OT differ. I know for part time people in our local anything over 5hr and under 8hr in a day is overtime. Howevfer if you work both preload and local sort shift overtime doesn't start untill after 8 hr's.

    So I would get a copy of your local supplement.