Part Time Package Car Driver Info?


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Good luck. Place is as unorganized as most other companies.

FIRST HR lady/interview said $18.25 and between 9am-7pm and didn't know if benefits were 6 or 12 months. Forwarded my info to 2nd HR lady for background check.

SECOND HR lady contacted me 3 days later to come down for 'on the spot' interviews. Told her about first and she had me come day after 'on the spot' for an interview. Corrected and said $18.75/hr and between 8-8pm, after 30 days, when not driving, inside work was optional.

Thursday Interview, DOT physical same day. Friday on road test and go home then come back 3 hours later for uniform and study guides for class on Monday at 1 location.

Get called 4 times through weekend switching training to another location, then confirming other, then back to original location, then confirming original.

You have to call in every morning (7-7:30am) to see if you're driving or 'mandatory' local sort.

Building manager, supervisors, and dispatch say inside is mandatory/work as directed if needed. Can only find 'work as directed' in supplement and it applies to feeder drivers.

Business agent says it's not mandatory. 'You don't have to work the building if they don't need you to drive' but it's a catch 22 because if you don't have enough time worked they'll try to terminate you because of benefits.

"Work as directed" only applied to bring told to stay around 1-3 hours after driving to help unload trucks if there's staffing issues.

Get ready to give up your Saturdays to run air deliveries. Make sure you get your 3hr minimum for running air on Saturdays per contract Article 40 Section 1, § K3
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