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    so i recently hit the 5 year mark, i never thought i would stay as a part timer for UPS this long but i guess time flies fast.

    Anyways i went about looking for some information about the UPS pension we get if we hit the 5 year mark, i asked a shop steward or 2, ones i worked with in the past since i know them a little, and as much as i like them they started to use, well... lets say language they do not normally use with me at least - which i take it as a sign that they dont completely understand themselves.

    So now im off online to find out information about the pension, everything from the basics, what it does, how much money is involved, time, etc. etc. and i was wondoring if someone has a link, or information i can use to help me understand this to its fullest, at least to the point where i can help others in my "5 year bench mark"

    thank you for those who help.
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    Forget about pt retirement!
  3. Anonymous 10

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    You can't collect till you have 30 years and age 50 or 25 years at age 50. Anything else is age 65.
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    It's not just 5 years you have to meet the minimum required hour for each of those year. In New England it's 750 hr each year. You need to go to your local teamster website and there should be a link to the pension fun. Go there and register and see where you stand. The website for the New England teamster pension is New England Teamsters & Trucking Industry Pension Fund
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    If you are in New England region call 781-345-4400.
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    Go over all their heads and try to contact somebody higher in the union and then post your results here so we can all compare quoted formulas and get to the bottom of this mystery.
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    Another little tidbit........

    750 hours per year divided by 52 weeks in a year equals 14.42 hours a week.
    This is why it's kinda important that you get your guarantee each night or you may not get credit for that week/year.
    Are the years where you worked less than 750 hours per year pro rated? I don't know.

    When I was a PT'er, this language concerned me as almost being on purpose by the union and the company to avoid PT'ers from accrueing credit years. That concern diminished when I started double shifting.
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    yah alot of guys in my center are the same. Stay and get your hours. Or be like me and get 5 every night on your shift and leave your name on the call in list for double shifts. I get called to load the trucks on preload all the time. I swear I think im the highest paid part timer in my center.
  9. working up a sweat

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    I my local we are guaranteed 3.5 hours toward pension every time we punch in. I work in an air hub. We work less than 3.5 hours most nights. We are only paid for time worked. But get the 3.5 hours toward pension and medical credits.