Part time pre load called in to work?

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    I am a permanent part time pre load and have been working for 5 years.

    the last couple of years with it being slow they have laid some of us off, and we work one week a month or so.

    now my question,

    How much notice do they have to give us telling us we have to work the next day? Its not that I don't want to, but my wife works when I am off.

    I am tired of the nasty calls at 3:00am telling me I have to be in.

    How much notice are they required to give us before calling us in to work?
    again, I just want to know so I can make plans according to...for example, If Noon the day before. i can tell my wife that she can work if i don't get a call by 1:00pm

    I have heard many different ways, some people have said that they should know by the end of the shift what the next day will be, so 24hour notice.

    I just want to have something to take to my ctr manager and say this is what it says, and I am willing to follow the rules. But If you tell me im laid off this week and then a driver or someone wants to take friday off and you call me at 8pm Thursday when my car is loaded to go fishing with friends....

    Please help, with the start of this new year I don't want to be playing these games.
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    Tell them to either lay you off or put you to work everyday. If they lay you off go collect. They have to give you 24 hour notice if you not going to be needed the next day ( they should tell you that it is a one day lay off not that your not needed ). Your a permanent employee not a casual don't let them treat you like one.

    Don't answer the phone at 3 in the morning just show up to work if they tell you your not needed tell them to find you something to do if they won't file a grievance. By calling you a 3 in the morning they are basically asking you to take a day off they just don't word it that way.
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    Edit, you said your were perm, so then follow advice above. Demand to work.
  4. ORLY!?!

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    You' re guaranteed 3 1/2 hours everyday of the work week. As upsguy said, if they try to send you home beforehand, go find a shop steward and file for this and get payed for that day anyways. If they want to comment towards you about it, say you need the 3 1/2 as promised, ill be here everyday. Sure it sounds impowering and all, but those who are ignorant will see this as a threat. Perhaps place a target on your back. But work is work, they argeed to follow the contracts, they should follow them.

    Man, you should come down here to Florida... plentyO work down here.
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    Just so I understand this correctly. even being a part time employee, I am able to use that?

    If I am laid off all week and they call me Wednesday night at 7pm saying they need me, but we have already told my wife's boss that she was available to work Thursday morning. That I can tell them no I can't work because.. a: I didn't have enough notice you are supposed to give me 24 hours. (or by the end of the shift Wednesday morning that you needed me Thursday?)

    (I will gladly work every week and every day but since I am still a little low on the seniority because we have 6-8 drivers bump us out now through July I have made other plans)
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    Re: Part time pre load caledl in to work?

    • What does the layoff language in your contract & supplement say?
    • What does your shop steward and/or union rep. say?
    • What does your state law say? If this has been going on for the last couple of years like you stated, why don't you know the details of your unemployment benefits by now?

    I could tell you what my contract says, but it won't be of any use to you unless you are in my Local's jurisdiction.

    I could also tell you what is so very wrong with this situation that you (and apparently 3 other preloaders) are in, but I will bite my tongue for now.
    I do suggest you and your similarly affected coworkers get the answers to the above questions and discuss the situation among yourselves. There is only one good reason that I can think of for you (all) to maintain this arrangement, and if it is worth it to you (all); then you will likely have to put up with the last minute calls to come in to work, because I doubt your contract or an established (recognized & agreed to by the union) practice allows for it.
  7. ORLY!?!

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    Yes, as a part timmer you have rights too. Are you in a right to work state? Are you in the union then?

    24 hours must be given to a person, otherwise they should be able to tell you when you leave when to start the next business day.

    Is there a bus system in your city? Perhaps your wife or yourself can use that to get to and from work. I know a lot of people who have their wife or husband drive them to work and take the car home to go to work the next day. The bus system might be slow, but you'll sure meet some interesting characters on them, lol!
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  9. WHYDO I

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    p.s. I am in Colorado.
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    Re: Part time pre load caledl in to work?

    Right, contracts vary from here to there. But most of them apply to state laws on work. Theres a lot to read, yet most of it should be pretty similar, the right to work especially.
  11. ORLY!?!

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    OHNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOESSSSS! jk.. elaborate a little.. humor us

    Is that a right to work state? Do you know anything in your contract?
  12. WHYDO I

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    Yes, I do believe it is.
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    This is all new to me, the last few years it was not so bad, but last year it got a little worse, such as only working Fridays because the drivers that have been bumping us out want to take Fridays off. or drivers just not wanting to work the next day and ask for it off at 10:00pm the day before. I just don't want it to happen again like last year(if I am protected from it anyway)I will work every day if needed, but if not I have to plan for my family. This is my first time looking into anything union related.
    I just found our local union VP phone and am giving him a call. Everything else has me confused, guess it is time to get a little more involved.
  14. ORLY!?!

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    Well then you should have 3 1/2 at least given to you each working day. Its a right to protect from such things like your situation from happening.

    Theres a lot of people who only work this job for the benefits, so going home isnt a real problem. Such as our midnight staff, they send most of them home. Most of them dont care, benies are benies ( being free, even better ).

    I'd say to you, just go up to them and demand to work somewhere, anywhere. Time on the clock is senority. Time on the clock is money. Demand, even (if you have to) threaten to file if need be. Whatever it is... scrubing urinals, unloading packages.. whatever it maybe.

    Beforehand, learn your bylaws of the contract. Get together with the other kids sent home and talk this threw.
  15. WHYDO I

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    I would have to say the first 2 years I worked there for the money, the 3d year with all the layoffs it became a benefits only type thing and I had to pick up other work, until my wife found her part time job in the am kind of like a nanny, but it pays about the same as ups, so its me or her and her nanny family is flexible to an extent. If it goes back to where I work all the time yay... but until then they have to work with me as well. I dont mind coming in when i'm laid off just give me some NOTICE.
  16. philmydoyle

    philmydoyle Just file

    24 hrs notice.... If they Have done it in the last five days file on everyday that they didn't give you a 24hr notice and get with your shop steward he/she should know that info
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    Re: Part time pre load caledl in to work?

    This is the only good advice in this whole thread.
    Nobody should come on this forum for contractual advice.
    Contact your steward, and or your local officials.
    Have them show you the applicable language.
    What I will say is this; with 5 years seniority, I find it hard to believe that you are ever "laid off".
    For this to be true nobody with less seniority can be working on days where you're "laid off".
    OP, is it possible that the process you are complaining about is nothing more than the baggage that goes along with your sweetheart, side deal with management?
    Good luck to you and wife and your two part time jobs between the both of ya's.
    You sound like real go getters.
  18. ORLY!?!

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    Hey man, go for whatever is out there. Most people cant get health care if it sneezed at them. Free/ cheap benies are where its at. I dont mind them paying for them, with such treatment towards the rest of us.

    I've been working here going on four years now, never been sent home. Too much work, or too much skill?

    Well, our center last years has had a 100% turn over rate. Job security for free, cant beat it.
  19. ORLY!?!

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    Monnies fo free, NOWAI!

    DO EHT!
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    Re: Part time pre load caledl in to work?

    Here is how this week went.

    Monday, I get a call "No work this week"
    tuesday- no work
    wednesday no work
    wednesday night 7:40pm I get a text You work at 4:30 am tmro.
    thursday work
    Friday no work...

    I am the bottom 5th in seniority all 5 are laid off occasionally 6 and rarely 7 are laid off so yes everyone under me is laid off as well. Come summer time we are all working, it is just the between months Jan-June that their are that many of us laid off. the rest of the year we are mostly always working.

    I have asked the steward and still waiting now to hear from him,

    My wife got a part time job because of our crazy happenings at the ups-part time work level, and of course I have a day job that is not bothered by UPS schedule's at all. It is just a little extra, shopping money for her.

    The real problem is mgmt giving everyone at the top last minute (9pm) next days off.

    Just annoyed. want to take a plan to the union stewards and other laid off employees who all have the same issues. and just present it to them. and say we want 24hour notice or whatever our guidelines say. for our local 17