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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Reading Rainbow, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Been lurking here a decent while, decided to post because like many of you i am very disappointed with this contract proposal. I have 2.5 years seniority in the preload, and on my seniority date in January i was scheduled to go from $12.00 - $13.00 dollars due to progression.

    My question is, does the new contract change my scheduled raise time to august 1st from now on? If so, the only thing this contract does for me is give me my raise a couple months early...and after all this talk about $15.00 an hour start leaves me irritated. I'm in PA if that changes anything.

    Also, I work usually a minimum of 7 hours a day. Since last year we have had so much volume our small hub can barely process it. With combination drivers being guaranteed 8 hours, does that mean they can take hours from part timers? I don't see anybody addressing that.
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    I'm in the same situation as you. I'm in my second year and am making $12.

    The current tentative agreement states (on page 10):
    All part-time employees who have attained seniority as of August
    1, 2018 will receive the following general wage increases for each
    contract year but will in no case receive less than the hourly start
    rate specified on August 1st 2018-2022

    According to how I interpret that (which may be wrong and/or may be changed before it's final), here's what I have come up with.

    Year 1: We should get the $0.70 raise, but will get bumped to the PT start wage of $13.
    Year 2: We should get the $0.75 raise, but will get bumped to the PT start wage of $14.
    Year 3: We should get the $0.80 raise (to $14.80). PT start wage goes to $14.50.
    Year 4: We should get the $0.90 raise (to $15.70). PT start wage goes to $15.00.
    Year 5: We should get the $1 raise (to $16.70). PT start wage goes to $15.50.

    On one hand, we'll get bigger raises than we would have in our progression. On the other hand, it's going to be 3 years before we're making more than a new hire.
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    I just realized I didn't answer the question about changing the raise date to Aug 1. The way I read it, it implies that. If the PT rate goes up on Aug 1 (or whenever they finalize the contract), then it seems like we'd have to get the raise then if we are to "in no case receive less than the hourly start rate".
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    Or go get a job at Costco start at 14.00 an hour. Then after 90 days have insurance. My daughter works there. And she is
    part time!
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    Yeah that's more or less how it worked last time too. You get the GWI effective august 1st, then if you're less than what you should be at, you get bumped up to that level.

    And hey, RR, if you're feeling bad about your january seniority date causing you to make 70 cents less than if you were hired before august... just think of me and what happened to me last contract.

    My seniority date is August 16th.

    Yeah I'd be making an extra 50 cents an hour right now if I had started slightly over 2 weeks earlier.
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    Pcloadpackage. Your math seems off. That's $4.70 over the course of the contract when you mention $16.70. You can't be bumped up to $13 and then be given a raise. The $13 bump is that first year raise.

    The way I read it
    Unless you are at or above $13 before August 1st, there is no GWI for you.

    For those with pretty much 4 or less years seniority, you will all have a new raise date of August 1st and pretty much be set to make the same amount of money as everyone day 1 to yr 4.

    Not counting the bump up to $13, old hires are set to see $4.15 in GWI. Those that will be starting at $13 will see $2.50 over the course of the contract.

    I'm currently Pt at yr 5 plus. I got in just under the last contract ended.

    The way I did the math for the next few years is as follows

    Currently $13.80
    August 1st 2018 .70 raise. $14.50
    August 1st 2019 .75 raise $ 15.25
    August 1st 2020 .80 raise $16.05
    August 1st 2021 .90 raise $16.95
    August 1st 2022 1.00 raise $17.95

    For new hires at $13 on August 1st 2018, they are set to be at $15.50 by 2022

    I started with a $1.50 buffer over new hires. By contracts end, I am set to out pace off the street new hires by $2.45 with what would amount to 10 years seniority in 2022

    By being below $13 on August 1st 2018, you are set to lose about $.90 / hr when it's all said and done. I know some guys who started two months after me and got in on the new 2013 contract and I out paced them by $.30-.80 for five years. That's just how it goes. All those under $13 are getting screwed this time around. The last contract you only needed 2 months seniority to benefit. Now you need at least 4 years

    Part timers gain nothing as each year goes by and they will earn the same amount as an off the street hire. That's crazy. Their raise is simply the new starting wage. That's laughable bad.
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    @PCLoadPackage is correct.
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    Holy :censored2: the OP is right. You either get the new starting pay bump or the GWI each year whichever is more, it always restarts at your new current rate. I have been here 3 years and make $13. By year 2 a current new hire will get a dollar raise from $13 to $14 and then get 80 cents in year 3 putting them at $14.80 while I will be at $15.25 by then. Aka I will start out making 70 cents more than a current new person when contract passes to only making 45 cents more by the end of it. This is some :censored2: man.
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    Im betting now this contract is some how forced. There is simply no way they thought we would vote yes and by all accounts of what i seen they dont care of we approve it or not.
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    @saintrick care to explain?

    The only exception I see is with $12.40-$13.00/ hr workers. Those guys will get the GWI to go up to $13.10-$13.70.

    Everyone's who's bump is more than $.70 on that first year will begin at $13. I don't see it any other way. You don't go to $13 and get another raise to $.70. The bump to new starting wage is your raise.

    @mikejonesjr im seeing it a bit different. Since you're at $13 already, you'll get the .70 and gwis of $3.45 more, making your final rate of pay $17.15, which would be $1.65 more than the 2022 starting pay/5th yr seniority guys of $15.50.

    You're basically out pacing the starting pay every year by a few cents.
    13.70 > 13 yr1
    14.45 > 14 yr2
    15.25> 14.50 yr3
    16.15> 15 yr4
    17.15 > 15.50 yr5

    Thinking more about it.

    It didn't work this way last contract but why would new hires get GWIs that exceed the next year's starting pay? I see what mikejonesjr is saying. Would a new hire at 14.00 really get a .80 raise at that point? And not the $.50? My mind's kind of blown at that prospect.
  12. mikejonesjr

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    Yes that's correct. I'm talking about the new hires that are hired in now right before the contract, getting the GWI as well as the starting pay bump. They essentially go from $13 to $14 in year 2 or a dollar raise and then get GWI from year 3 on, everyone making $13 or more now will only get a 75 cent raise in year 2 and continue GWI as well. Dumb
  13. MattM

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    I added some more thoughts. Mind blown at reading the language again. I need to get progression off my mind.
    With that logic,
    A seniority employee from 8/1/21 starting at $15 will get the GWI that final contract year and be one year seniority with a $1 raise to $16? I assumed yearly bumps would stay in line with starting wages but now everyone gets GWI? Ridiculous.

    I see now what you meant by 14 to 14.80. I was thinking 14 to 14.5 but that's only for new hires. That's astonishing. I'd have ten yrs seniority at $17.95 in 2022 and a one year guy would be at $16. That's worse than I initially envisioned.
  14. mikejonesjr

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    Not quite, you only receive the GWI if you are hired before the contract passes. Everyone hired after will only get the new start rates, no GWI. Someone hired in now right before the contract will be at $16.80 by the end of it like OP said tho. Making basically $17 after 4 years that's pretty crazy man.
  15. MattM

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    Yeah it's late and I'm over thinking it. I can see where I was wrong @saintrick . Makes sense now @PCLoadPackage .

    All seniority employees before August 1st who make less than $12.31 will essentially have their first GWI be one that puts them at the new start rate and then they will get GWI (or new start rate, whichever is higher) for yr2-5 as other new hires will be on a slightly lower path as they stick with the yearly start rate for their 'raise'. I think that's the correct logic.

    It's interesting to see that there are two early bumps where you'd basically be making less than new hires. I remember the contract I was on, yr 2 and yr4 I was actually above the yearly progression raises. Now we're under for two of them.

    Don't feel so bad. Your 16.70 2022 rate is very close to my 17.95 rate and I'd have three yrs seniority over you. The $1.25 difference is equivalent to about $0.41 raises for my three years extra seniority. They toute $.70 to 1.00 raises yearly. But the reality in comparison is much more grim
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  16. Blackstream

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    I believe the language states you have to hit seniority before august 1st, not just be hired before. But maybe all that matters after you hit seniority is the hire date, I have no idea. It's a nitpick, but something I'm wondering about since I have a friend getting hired on right now.
  17. mikejonesjr

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    It's seniority I just wasn't being specific. As in 30 working days I think. And since the contract is getting pushed back past Aug 1st it will be hitting seniority by whenever the contract is finally passed
  18. Days

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    Ya it's a bunch of crap.
  19. DoYouEvenLift

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    This contract is awful. Seriously vote no. Part and full timers are getting screwed. Spread the word
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    The confusing part for me was seeing GWIs that amounted to less than what new hires would be getting at those same intervals. Like that didn't seem to process in my head correctly at first. But now it all makes sense

    Last contract for my region, seniority meant you were union, which is something like 70 working days. I was hired in February and got onto the new contract in 2013. A buddy was hired end of May 2013 and his 90 days didn't hit until after August. And even though we had retro pay for 5-6 months, he never got on with the same pay scale as me. He was always $.30-$.50 behind. But as always it can be case by case.

    There's some examples there. He was caught in the seniority plus years with a may '13 start and I was example one with a Feb '13 start.

    The way I see it, you'll have needed to be a new hire as of early may to get that 70d/90d 'seniority'. But that was last contract or even the contract before where there was that 90 day raise, which basically signaled you had seniority. Around my way, they talk about new hires bring on probation. You don't gain seniority until you're off of him. I'm reading some regions are 30d. Some 90.

    I wouldn't give any true new hires any hope just yet.
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