Part-time Seniority


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This is probably a waste of time, do to what I believe an open and shut case for a part-timer. Here we go. Company stands by their premise that our top senior employee can be sent home after working 3.5 hours, where all lessor senior employee's receive roughly 4 to 5 hours. Company arguement is that workers are assigned work and once the work is complete, senior employee can not bump lessor senior employee's. This is crazy to me. Top man reports first, due to staggard start times, yet is not allowed to bump lessor senior employee's due to assigned work completion. New center manager.

We have always been able to bump if someone is being sent home, if the lessor senior employee reaches their 3.5 hour guarantee. Manager states that lessor senior employee's report 2.5 hours later than senior man, therefor, they can not control the amount of hours less senior employee's receive. Have offered the later start time to senior employee. I have never heard a manager say they can not control hours worked. First for me. Are they not paid to manage. This is a carwash operation, much different than hub work, but I would assume that the senior employee should recieve most hours if wanted.

The premise that once your assigned work is complete, you have no seniority rights sounds crazy to me. Heck, even if the senior employee took the later start time, the company could just change the assigments and he would be back in the same boat.

What do you guys think?

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As a shifter we have staggered start time as well. We have to fight this almost daily but if you keep banging heads with management and you keep up your performance and not being a bump on a log employee then they will probably grant you 5 hours and 0 overtime then your force you to leave so that there is a even playing field where no one gets overtime just the same amount of hours for each employee on that shift.

That is how we did it when peak season ended that they wanted to cut hours. But for cases of overtime, and start time that is granted based on seniority.

Big Babooba

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I don't know if this will help you. It happened almost 30 years ago, but is similar to your situation. UPS lost this grievance.

UPS part timers at one time were guaranteed 4 hours a day. If they worked over 4 hours, then they were guaranteed 8 hours pay (4/8er). Around 1976 a new contract changed the part time guarantee. New part time employees were guaranteed 3 hours pay. If that person went over 5 hours, then they were guaranteed 8 hours pay (3/5/8er). This gave UPS greater flexability in their operation. All 4/8ers were red circled.

We had a Local Sort that started at 5:00 and a car wash shift that started at 6:30. The Local sort had both 4/8ers and 3/5/8ers. the car wash was strictly 4/8ers.

One night the car wash worked the local sort when they reported. They worked until 7:30 and went back to the car wash. At 8:45 management had lower seniority 3-5/8ers help out the car washers. The 4/8ers were made to go home when their 4 hours were up and the 3/5/8ers were worked 5 hours.

A grievance was filed by a carwasher and was won. The ruling was that UPS had to offer 8 hours to a 4/8er before they could work a 3/5/8er over 4 hours. If all 4/8ers turned down the 8 hours, then UPS could work the 3/5/8er for 5 hours.


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<major snip>

One night the car wash worked ...<snip again>

You are showing your age on this one son. What exactly is a car wash. I know my truck is parked and maybe it's gassed every day or 2, however I'm not sure the truck has seen water outside of the Mother Nature Car Wash.