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    I have been working a couple months as a loader. what are the daily duty's of a part time sup? do you still get the Prudential 401k as a sup ? I have not got many answers from the people i've talked to so anything would help.
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    Your duties are what ever your boss tells you. They are not set in stone and could vary day to day depending on the size of your building and number of PT SUPs.

    Did they ask you to become a PT SUP ??? If so did you ask yourself why would they ask a person that only been with the company a couple of month if they would like to become a PT SUP ??? Red flags should be twirling in your head...

    If you want a long career at UPS become a PT SUP is not a good path. If UPS is just a stop on your life journey go for it just remember your not going to be allowed to go back to be a PTimer again.

    As I said if you want a long carer at UPS in management (ie FT SUP ,etc ) I would stay PT till you win a FT bid then put you name in for a Management position. Than again I would never go to the other side.
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    I would check out the ten thousand or so threads covering this subject on the brown cafe.
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    Well the full time sup. talked to me and said "you had talked to your folks about management" being that i'm struggling with loading and pieces per hour. then he went on to say that "I'm the future of Ups" But not mention if he meant management or hourly . so i'm kind of misguided on where to go i know its up to me yet still anxious about it.
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    PT Sup job is like a drug. Just Say No !!!
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    total nonsense
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    This is a tactic to get you to move faster. You're fairly new and it sounds as though you might be struggling a bit. Your FT'mer (or coordinator or w/e) is trying to pump you up because you've made seniority and are struggling with production (pph). We all figure it out in time. You'll either get or quit from trying. Good luck newbie.
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    All saying the same thing.... If you plan on going full time don't do it!!!!
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    Biggest regret.
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    If you're so worried about your 401k, then stay with the union because you'll be vested after 5 years with the teamsters pension. The 401k plan with non-union is matched but not as good as the pension (understand that the pension and 401k are not the same). If you're in school and looking for experience in your field or money for school I'd say go for management. I am currently finishing my bachelors and I went into management after being in the union for 6 years. I want more than being a part time package handler.

    As for the responsibilities as a PT sup... You will basically be responsible for 6-10 workers... You will take a lot of bull**** from your FT sups for anything that they do. You need to have thick skin, and be able to adjust to their mood swings. If you see UPS as a stepping stone to another job, again I'd say do it. If you want solid benefits, pension and 401k, stay with the union. Management isn't for everyone.
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    Gazelle: Why do the supervisors have mood swings? I've wondered that myself, I'm thinking its intentional as a part of the mind games they play, part of their training.
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    being that i'm struggling with loading and pieces per hour. then he went on to say that "I'm the future of Ups" But not mention if he meant management or hourly . so i'm kind of misguided on where to go i know its up to me yet still anxious about it.

    That is the ticket you are unable to do what they require another words a "screw up" so why not go into management .I have to sign off now time to go to the Mellon website and sell my stock. and retire to Bedlam !

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    Their mood depends on which shampoo they use that day !
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    Why does management have mood swings? Because they are expected to make the impossible possible everyday.


    Everyone here is correct! The path to Full time as a Driver, stay hrly, the path to Full time Management go PT Sup. Let me tell you this, I did both Hrly and PT sup for 5 years, it was hectic and yes they spew on you everyday, if you have employees that make constant mistakes they are your mistakes and rightly so! Even the Full time Sups have it tough, they can move you wherever they want, if they say you have to go to another city in your state than you have no choice unless you quit, you may have to work 15+hrs with no OT, if anyone here tells you not to listen to the union workers they are not being honest, when you become Full time management you become gutless and heartless, and it is my belief some don't even know it happens to them because it becomes who they are.