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    Bit of an issue here. I am a part time supervisor and I have been out of work for 5 days due to a recent bout of kidney stones. This is the 4th time in my life I have dealt with this, so I know when I have them, and I just pass them at home in horrible pain. As of last Tuesday, I have been out of work. My immediate supervisor told me on Friday of last week, that I need to call HR, I thought because of a scheduled supervisor 3 week training course that I thought he wanted me to talk to HR about. He also told me that I need doctors notes to come back to work. I didn't know that I was required to have these, he never informed me that I needed them, he just told me early on to get better and keep him posted. So I went to the ER and got diagnosed, kidney stones of course, because I know my body, and got a doc note stating I can come back to work-tomorrow-Tuesday. Sent my supervisor all the photos of the ER visit, doc note etc. He then tells me I have to call HR to go on short term disability. I called but they are closed today for the holiday.

    I am confused here because my boss has not told me any of this procedure, didn't let me know after 3 days I have to go on STD. So now what? I have a doc note saying I can come back to work tomorrow. Can I come back to work? Or do I have to go on this STD thing for a certain amount of time?? My boss hardly ever gets back to me. Please let me know how this STD thing works. Thanks.
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    Call HR in the morning and they will explain it all.
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    After 5 days, management goes on STD.
    The reason is that UPS does not pay your salary ... The STD insurer pays your salary.