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    Hey all, I am a relatively new part time supervisor after about two years of sorting in my hub, I know what you are all thinking. why in the world would i want to do that?? haha and sometimes I wonder that myself.. I hear alot of negative things about part time supervisor and that position on this site and i was just wondering is there any positive stories out there?? anybody actually get promoted from part time sup or score that sweet outside driving position on this site? Or anybody leave the company using PT sup on their resume and scoring a sweet job because of it? Just would like some hope for the future haha
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    My hub (Group 2) in a very large metro area had 6 PT sups get up to FT sups during my time there (3 years). If you really want to get promoted, let your Ft sup know, go the extra mile, work hard, and always have a good positive team oriented mind set. Assuming you can keep that up for 3-5 years you will have a good chance at being promoted to a FT sup. If you dont have a college degree being a FT sup is not a bad way to make a living. But rest assured FT is 10x more bs than PT.
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    yeah, i got promoted to PT supe and have loved every bit of it
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    what does a part time supervisor do??
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    kiss ass
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    we have 3 drivers in our building that became drivers who were part time supes.......................of course they went driving as 'off the street ' hires years ago.
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    A pt sup is there to watch u work, eat chips, and think they can do the job better themselves. I would never take the position. Unless you're planning on leaving ups in the future, I think u screwed yourself. If you are planning to leave then you have the easiest temporary job ever.
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    Middle of next year, pt sup's will be cut in half. Along with many more in management. Top to Bottom (<<You are here).
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    P/T sup was the right move for me. I did it for 6 1/2 while I went to school. I got to know a lot about the company and met a lot of great people. I took care of my employees and they took care of me. Worked hard, and was respected by those above me and those who worked for me. I will be in the wedding of one of my former guys next month, he left the company 10 years ago. I have been driving for 8 years, and that was also the right thing for me. ALL of my friends that went into F/T management have quit, gotten fired, or are miserable. I get paid for every minute I work, and don't take work home with me like I did when I was a sup. My pay is comparable. I am asked at least a couple of times a year if I am ready to jump back in, but the reality is they couldn't pay me enough to put up with that BS. Being a P/T sup gives you a unique perspective and I tend to take my job for granted much less than others around me.

    Good Luck
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    goodnight sweet prince
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    In my building i have seen 6 part time sup get in FT positions, including Feeder and Package driver. Its really about, knowledge drive, ambition, timing and a lil brown nosing what strange is in my hub, shop stewards also carry weight too matter what you do, have a back up plan-on the outside.they will not give you a position......and if ups is downsizing non union, you will be last and least likely as pt sup are the cheapest non-union employees. One FT sup get paid 3-4 times as much in annual salary/MIP
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    thanks allot everyone for the helpful replies and good stories! i'm a little surprised by how many do seem to become a driver given how unlikely that's supposed to be. If i had to chose becoming a driver would definitely be my first choice of a full time position, so that gives me hope. i'm not afraid to work hard. Ups has got to be the only company out there that if you work really hard, and get recognized for that with a promotion you seemed to be looked at as a dumb*** lol i didnt realise that until after my promotion haha. The best is when one of my employees comes up to me and says if you think its so easy why don't you do it? I always get a good laugh out of it and say 'I honestly i would if i was allowed under the contract'. they forget that not 4 months ago I was down there doing the same exact thing they are doing only for a longer period of time and without the complaining lol.
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    sleep well my princess.