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    Hello all, I'm new to the forums. My full time sup recommended me to be a part time sup after him over hearing me mention to a co-worker that I want to move up in the company. He sat me down and explained to me the pros and cons, which was everything I've read on here about the position, so no need to tell me what I already know. Please leave pitty parties and negativity about my career choice opinions to yourself. He said I'm an excellent worker and any facility would be lucky to have me as their sup, and that my military background is a plus. Anyway, I took the mapp test Friday morning at home, piece of cake. Any of you guys know how long it takes for my sup to receive the email with my test results? Also, Any idea how long it takes to actually be promoted after passing the test? And how do I figure out what facility I will be transferring to? For me, this is the best decision for myself and my family. I'm more less trying to get a basic idea of time frame. I'll be tripling my salary, and for my family and i, it's the best move I could make
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    Tripling your salary sounds quite optimistic. PT sups work probably +1-2 hrs longer than PT laborers and make a few dollars an hour more. Regardless, goodluck to you.
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    Excellent worker and any facility would be lucky to have you. Ohh-k

    You'll go far
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    In ten years...if u don't get promoted to full time sup. would be better off as a package handler making more money...your best career move would be to go driving....imo
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    I told you guys I'd update you. I called the hr that handles the tests. I passed the test and am eligible for promotion. My boss got the email and forwarded it to me. Now it's a waiting game to find an opening. Yes I will be tripling my salary from 100 bucks a week to after taxes taken as a supervisor guaranteed 325$ a week including insurance 401k and any other deductions I included. The hr guy I spoke with at that facility I may go to has already Spoke with me about after 6 month he'd like to make me a full time sup. Things are going great and have been since I started. Now not to sound rude or disrespectful but in my opinion, the people who try shooting management down, it feels like either jealousy or possibly people you knew whom weren't cut out for a high stress job, unless it is people who wanted the promotion and never got it. Enough of my ranting. It comes down to who you know and who your boss knows in ups. Hands down fact that knowing people sometimes can help. Thanks again to everyone, even the Debbie downers. Good luck to all of you
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    Congratulations and I hope everything works out the way you are planning. Most of the Debbie Downers here are just speaking from years of experience so don't listen to any of them. I have seen PT sups rise to FT sups and sort managers. Our current Labor manager was a PT preload sup. Just does not happen very often. Maybe one out of 500 PT sups go any higher.
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    Isn't that an oxy moron of some sort...." The Debbie downers are speaking from experience" well the ones on here with experience know more about this process than this kid who's being told all these things...hopefully it does work out for him the way he's talking about but the "experienced Debbie downers" are speaking from experience.....get what I'm saying?...I'm just saying go driving and in 5 years you are guaranteed to be making 60-80k a year
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