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    I was wondering if UPS takes applications for part-time supervisors. I was a package handler for about a year and a half. I just finished up my college coursework and will be back home doing an internship. Assuming my internship schedule allows me to work the twighlight shift, would I be able to go to the employment office and apply for a part-time supervisor position, or would I have to start back as a package handler and work my way up?
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    They take off the street hires.
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    I have a question related to part-time supe. I've sent in my letter and would like the job I think , I was wondering what the pay is like. I know it is salaried, but can anyone tell me how much they get paid?
  5. goin nowhere fast

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    Dont do it, being a part time sup sux
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    Oh good, someone else no one will respect.
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    PT sups start (to my knowledge) around 1500-1800$/mo, before taxes and insurance deductions. I don't know how much on average in other areas, speaking for New England.
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    I am not even 100% you need college to be a part time supe... The hourlies will treat you so so but upper management will treat you like dirt... You will have no Union protection and could loose your job because of an hourly...

    As I understand it, you can not become a full time supe/advance UNLESS you have worked as a driver...
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    fill out your aplication a ask a supervisor we are union on this not MANAGMENT
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    I have an Associate's Degree. I'm just finishing up my Bachelor's right now, so I have some college going for me. I liked loading, and remember my part-time supe hated his job, but I want a position with more responsibility.
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    If you feel you have the skills to be a part time sup and that is your desire at this time, GO for it. You know your work ethic, you've been around UPS.
    Management is not for everyone, and if it's for you, only you can make the decision to apply for a p/t sup job.

    As far as having to be a driver to be a full time management person, that varies depending on the needs in your area. I have seen part time sups be promoted to full time positions without driving.
    Good luck
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    Congratulations on your education! And your survival at UPS. :wink2:

    I'm not a supervisor but have been with the company long enough to see many come and go. It's a difficult job at best but not impossible, as we have many good pt sups who stay around.

    Upper management cares so much about numbers that they often overlook the fact that they are dealing with human beings who can only do so much. I'm sure you have seen that in action.

    Best sups we've had are those who can remain impartial and treat all employees with respect. It's sometimes difficult with such a varity of people, some of whom you just won't like.

    UPS management should make for an excellent resume and pave the way for future jobs should you decide to move on some day. It's a demanding job in an ever-changing envioronment and should offer experience that any employer would respect. It should also give you the strength and confidence needed for whatever type of management position you encounter. Best of luck and feel free to come back. We have some excellent management folks here who can really speak common sense. Best of luck!
  13. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    You absolutely do not need to drive, nor have a college education, here in New england and probably most places to become part or full-time sup. That is fact
  14. Baba gounj

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    Yes, you need 30 days on road experience; which can mean that you do your first 30 days as a sup. driving.
  15. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    If so it's only for full-time sups, maybe for certain positions - or perhaps every one?. I know several part time sups that have never driven at any time, though.
  16. bad company

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    Part-time sups do not need driving experience. In order to be considered for any management position, the employee must have or currently be *attempting to earn a degree. There are several people in management who do not have a degree and are "attempting" to earn their degree. They must be on the college for life plan...

    As far as being a full-time sup, it is not required to have driving experience. This is mainly because there are several positions within management that are not apart of operations. I.E., BD, Safety, HR, TSG, etc..

    It is highly suggested that an on-road supervisor, who's main responsibility is a group of drivers, have actual driving experience. However, even this rule can be bent to fit the needs of UPS. There are many in management who only drive for 30 days and some who drive for a year or two. Obviously, it would be helpful for any one pursing a management career in operations to have some experience in the operation that they are attempting to manage. Maybe that's why my on-road sup is clueless... he’s a former pt hub rat trying to manage a group of drivers
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    What about TIE-GUY?

    How about a quick vote? Management or Union for the TiE-SPY
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    Is TIE_GUY Management or Union?

    Someone said this board if for Union members only. Just curious!
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    This board is comprised of both mgmt. and hourly and even some who have never worked for UPS.

    It's a good mixture.
  20. KBlakk

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    I am not anti-management or pro union but from my experience at UPS to be a P/T Sup all you need is a pulse and the patience to be blamed for things that you have absolutly no control of. As for F/T Sup minimal on road experience (30 days) will do just dandy. there is 1 more route to F/T Management that I have seen used, first you become a P/T Sup and play the "politics" game to a promotion. <-- this approach usually leads to lack of respect from drivers which 9 out of 10 will be your suboardinates because you don't have much experience other than Operations. In all of the above situations take into consideration YOUR personal feelings not all of the worlds opinions because it is a known fact that most UPSers hate management any way. so make the choice based on your needs and goals.