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    I was just wondering if any part time sups out in ups land are working overtime but are still not aloud to put it on their timecard. I am doing extra work (folding forever bags, damages, leakers, scanners) at our center but our center manager says don't put it in. But she also didn't tell me to go ahead and leave or she would take care of it. How many of us are out there. This is the same thing that UPS got sued for in 2002. Thanks for any response....
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    I thought part time sups were salaried?

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    as a PM OMS, i usually get my work done in 4-4.5 hours flat, so if i go ahead an put in a couple extra hours a day for the first couple weeks of peak without overtime, i'm ok with this; especially since i love my job

    back in preload though, yeah, i hated life and if my old center manager asked me to do anything past 9am, i said nope and left. He knew better than to push it with me, but if he had said something along the lines of "the work's not done", i'd have told him to hire more hourlies or manage his time better (LOL).

    suffice to say we didn't see eye-to-eye....
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    HEY PT SUP TELL US WHAT BULIDING YOU ARE DOING THIS IN WE CAN HELP YOU, yea we can we will write the proper greivance, and we will still let you do (all) the work you want) I heard you are doing a great job keep it up , I cant wait to see how many part time sups answer you open the flood gates now
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    Where is ups land? is that where the planes land?
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    you sound like a union douchbag rocketman...
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    I swore
    I would never neg rep a posters again but anybody that's got a problem with rocket gots a problem with me.
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    Really?!?! They're making you not put extra hours down? I understand us PT Sups are "salary" but when broken down we are paid hourly just garunteed 27.5 hrs a week. Thus when we go over our hours we are paid the hourly rate for that amount of time. To me what your center manager is asking you to do is wrong and if I'm not mistaken illegal. I work in a building where we are actually short on supervisors and the amount we try to get done in our allotted time frame can be very hard at times, but at no time has any of my FT sups or Managers ever asked me to do extra work and not add it on my PTRS.
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    War Eagle ... Hey!!!!
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    I will give neg rep in situations like this when it's a guy with only his 2nd post on BC and he's making jackhole comments about another user that he probably doesn't know. Be a jackhole somewhere else if that's the attitude that you are going to bring here.
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    You are a salary employee.

    IF you work less then 27.5 Hours do you still get the same pay ???

    If so it works both ways.
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    This is very serious for you, because you are not getting paid what you deserve, AND for the manager because she doesn't realize that she is putting her job at risk by instructing you to falsify your hours. There have been managers discharged in the past for this behavior. My suggestion is to record your hours correctly, and if your manager directly tells you to "not work over 5 1/2 hours", then leave when your hours are completed. If you have further problems, then contact the district Employee Relations Manager (in HR) or the corporate UPS help line.
  13. WarEagle7611

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    ^^^^ what he said. After talking with a former FT sup of mine j13501 is spot on. Managers can and have been terminated for this.
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    Although parttime supervisors are management and get a salary, their pay is different. If a part time sup works less than 27.5 hours per week, they get paid 27.5 hrs. If they work more than the 27.5 hrs, then they are paid for the additional hours. This was a good change that was made to the compensation plan because it is intended to prevent a manager from taking advantage of a part time supervisor and working them longer hours without compensation.
    Full time management is paid differently because all F/T management also get M.I.P. (if recommended) which is additional compensation unavailable for part time supervisors.
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    rocketman I apoligize for calling you a douchebag but I was just frustrated...
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    sorry about mt post at rocket..
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    If you are having a problem with working overtime and not getting paid, that would be an issue the security department would handle.
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    I thought as a PT supervisor you are expected to live and breathe UPS 24/7 and "make it happen" no matter what? Why did you accept the job? ;)