Part-time to full-time pension

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    Any 705 guys out there? If I do 20 years p.t. and then say 10 or 15 years f.t.(22.3), how does the pension work? Can I split with 30 or 35 years combined at 50 or 55 years old and start getting checks right away or do I have to wait until 65? Thanks for any help.
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    This is something I would like to know as well...I had 7 years as a PT local sorter and have been a FT 22.3 for 7. My dilemma is that if I had to wait untill 65 to collect I'll have worked for UPS for 46 years!!! YIKES!!!
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    You don't have to work until you are 65 to start collecting at 65. The pension will be waiting for you until you turn 65.
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    Yeah I understand that, what I mean is once I get 30 years in I'll only be 49 years old. It just suck's that I would have to wait another 16 years to draw, plus I would have to stay at UPS because I would never make the kind of money I make any where else.