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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UPSer810, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. UPSer810

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    Became full time June , after 20 years part time, im red circled till fulltime progression catches up... can anyone tell me if im entitled to the GWI ...while in progression..?
  2. You won't get any raises until progression passes what you are making now.
  3. UPSer810

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  4. UPSer810

    UPSer810 New Member

    So year 3 ill goto 28.75?
  5. That sounds right
  6. GenericUsername

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    I'm red circled as well but I received the raise (and so did all the others in my center who are in my same situation.)
  7. R1wonder

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    Upser 810 is wrong . The new contract we still receive contract raises even while in progression . I’ve received two raises since the contract . My 3rd year of seniority is November and I’ll go to 28.75, then I’ll get another raise August 1st , then another raise at my 4th seniority.
  8. UPSer810

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    Ohh snap... well i never got the AUG 1st raise , i just went full time june 2nd... .... so your saying im entitled to the .75 raise that just passed???
  9. upschuck

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    No you are not, the Aug raises are just for those with seniority before Aug 1, 2018. You just get the progression raises.
  10. UPSer810

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    I got the first raise why i was still part time ( 20 years ) so your sayin im not entitled to the 2nd raise ( GWI ) only my progression raise in year 3...?