Part time wage increase



From what I've read on the full time wage increase for this contract is $4 over 5 years. I was wondering if anyone knows if there will be additional wage increases for part timers like the last contract? I started at ups before the '02 contract so I have been fortunate enough to get decent raises since I started, but people who started less than a year after me make nearly 3 dollars less per hour. With a starting wage of 8.50 and slow pay progression it is getting nearly impossible to attract workers, let alone keep them.

Also has anyone heard if there is any plan to create new 22.3 jobs? I haven't seen any mention of that in press releases regarding the contract, and that worries me. I know they created a lot of new 22.3s under the last contract but I still didn't have enough seniority at the time to get any of them. I hope with the pension buyout some of the old timers will finally be able to retire and create job openings which could help. But I was really hoping for "new" 22.3 jobs that only part timers could bid on. In my hub, when replacement 22.3 jobs go up for bid, they are being taken more and more by 15 or 20 year drivers who are so fed up with the state of things in the package centers that they are willing to take a significant pay cut and work nights to get out of it.