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    Convinced otherwise. Some reasons I am voting "no". No particular order or importance. 1. Protest vote. I am generally protesting the "voluntary apartheid" by which the majority of union members (part-timers) allow themselves to be ruled by the minority (drivers and full-time insiders). I can't say I was any less apathetic in my 20s, but I protest nonetheless. 2. First class work, second class status. While I won't say the FTs have thrown the PTs UNDER the bus with every contract, they are allowing UPS to push PTs further to the back of the bus with each successive contract. IF the Union represented the workforce based upon actual membership rather than voting membership, then the part-timers would be staying in the Company health plan and making higher wages. 3. Short-sighted Union. UPS obviously has a long-term strategy to wedge the PTs and FTs further and further apart until they can break the PTs off and make them non-union. This may take 10, 20 or 50 years, but that is where UPS is going. The next step after that is almost too easy, lock out the drivers, offer the non-union PTs $20/hour (twice their pay) to drive, game over. 4. Silly little kittens. 5 years of record profits and the Union is happy to let UPS drive the negotiations. Those profits were created by and large by the union employees, and our representatives shouldn't have any qualms or hesitation in demanding a fair share for the workers. Instead, they make tiny kitten scratches on the surface of the Company proposals and roar "VICTORY!".

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    Part timers are just as important as full timers. They outnumber ft in louisville AIR, about 9 to 1.
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    Yea but those part timers will jump at that thousand bucks. They are from Kentucky you know. That will buy you a lot of shine and weed.
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    You wish they would.